10 Best Marvel References And Easter Eggs In I Am Groot

The Guardians of the Galaxy The series is among Marvel’s most popular offerings, with James Gunn’s wacky superhero hugs delighting audiences of all ages. The latest entry in the franchise, I am Groot, proved equally appealing to fans of the intergalactic team, with its innocent humor generating plenty of laughs.

These unique animated shorts contain several amusing references to the mcu and Marvel Comics, with Groot finding himself in a variety of goofy situations. Guardians of the Galaxy The cartoon spin-off features plenty of cool Easter eggs for Marvel fans, as Groot’s single-player adventures bring the baby alien tree to some of the most vivid places in the super universe. -hero.


The Marvel Studios logo has become an iconic staple of the film and television outings of the saga, with the bright and triumphant title card welcoming viewers to the Marvel Studios series. I am Groot includes a particularly rare but unique one, with Groot choosing to fast forward through the title card.

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This fun intro to the series pays homage to Marvel Studios’ transition to television, as Groot uses a TV remote to fast-forward through the logo. Groot’s actions also act as a nod to Marvel’s spot on streaming, with the fast-forward move referencing Disney Plus’ option to skip title sequences from its TV show.

Peter Quill’s tape recorder

Star Lord mixtapes are present throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, with many thinking Peter’s catchy music would make a great mcu musical. I am Groot includes a brief nod to that aspect of the sci-fi series, with Peter Quill’s tape recorder featured during the spin-off’s first episode.

Peter’s Bridge can be seen during Groot’s feud with another tree, in the episode “Groot’s First Steps”. In this opening episode, a pair of robotic drones use Star Lord’s device to play tunes, in an effort to appease the ship’s new bonsai.

The Anulax battery

I’m from Groot latest episode, titled “Magnum Opus”, features many neat Easter eggs from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, with Groot acquiring various items to have his family draw. One of the most interesting objects to appear during this short is one of the Anulax batteries, which were last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

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Groot’s possession of the Anulax Battery suggests it could take place sometime after the opening of 2nd volume, with Anulax batteries acting as the primary catalyst for the Guardians of the Galaxy story of the sequel. Rocket’s decision to steal the batteries angers the Sovereign, as they send their troops to target the Guardians team.


As the main villain of Marvel Studios’ “Infinity Saga,” Thanos delivered some of the best quotes. The Mad Titan terrorized the MCU for ten years before its eventual defeat in Avengers: Endgame. I am Groot involves a pleasant reminder of Thanos’ presence in the MCU, appearing on a book Groot is reading during the third episode.

The image of the Mad Titan on the cover of the book depicts him wearing his signature costume, with his large gold armor shimmering on the cover. It’s an apt reference to the megalomaniac villain, whose presence is felt throughout the guardians of the galaxy movies as Gamora and Nebula’s abusive father.

Alf from Marvel

Marvel’s comics division has taken some truly surprising directions over the years, and one of their more unexpected offerings is their alf comic book series. This rather obscure element of pop culture is referenced in I’m from Groot last episode, because Groot uses a alf comic as a canvas for his drawing of the Guardians.

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The alf The comic produced by Groot is from Star Lord’s satchel, suggesting that this comic issue is part of Peter Quill’s 80s memorabilia. These cult comics began in 1988 and ran for four years, with their original releases attracting a loyal readership.


Played by Dave Bautista, Drax is considered one of the Guardians of the Galaxy bravest members. The fearless warrior provides invaluable aid to his fellow Guardians in some of their greatest battles, helping the group emerge triumphant against the galaxy’s greatest threats. Drax can be briefly seen during “Magnum Opus”, as Groot steals his soap in his mission to produce the design.

Drax’s shadow appears inside the Milano’s shower, with Groot making the sneaky decision to steal his bar of soap. Later in the episode, Rocket Raccoon mentions the intergalactic criminal by name, as it refers to Drax’s frustrations at not being able to find his soap.

The reader

Abducting young Peter Quill as a child, the Ravagers are present throughout Star Lord’s tragic childhood. The shady group of space pirates play an important role throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy films, with Yondu, in particular, very much present throughout the life of the Guardians. Their ship, the Eclecteur, makes an appearance in the I am Groot episode “Groot’s Pursuit”, with Groot wandering the ship’s industrial corridors.

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I am Groot offers viewers a glimpse into the gigantic interior of the Eclector. The short features the ship’s bedroom and bathrooms, as Groot wakes up on the ship and further explores the Ravager’s ship. It’s an exciting inclusion, one that expands further on the mighty Ravager ship.

James Gunn’s cameo

As one of Marvel Studios greatest directors, James Gunn brought some of the best characters to the MCU. The creative brain behind the Guardians of the Galaxy films has delivered some of the most delightful movies in the superhero genre, with its trademark writing translating well into these wildly imaginative stories. The director’s talents are recognized in “Groot’s Pursuit,” with the star lending his voice to Groot’s fitness tracker.

This brief voice role by James Gunn is nevertheless memorable, as his automated voice irritates Groot. The director conveys the robotic intonations of the technical notifications perfectly, as the fitness tracker informs Groot that he has “walked 300 steps”.

Star Lord’s love of dance and music is a recurring theme throughout the series. Guardians of the Galaxy movies, with Peter Quill frequently seen hopping on his beloved mixtapes. I’m from Groot The third episode, “Groot’s Pursuit”, features Groot showing off his own dance moves, in a fierce battle against an alien shapeshifter.

Groot’s fluid movements mimic the climactic fight at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, with Rocket’s best pal challenging the shapeshifter to a dance. Similarly, Star Lord also opted to hold a dance contest during his attempts to stop Ronan, and as with Groot’s fearsome enemy, this admittedly risky move ended in the villain’s defeat.

Groot Flowerpot

Guardians of the Galaxy The first episode ends with the sad demise of Groot, however, Rocket manages to save part of his friend’s destroyed body, allowing the kind-hearted tree to be reborn. The Raccoon’s plant pot, which he uses to plant Groot’s deceased remains, appears in I’m from Groot first episode, “Groot’s First Steps”.

This rather handy garden ornament is still home to Groot in his baby form at the start of the episode, with the sentient tree meeting new competition in the form of a bonsai tree. Groot’s current state is identical to his situation at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, which ends with him dancing inside the flowerpot to Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

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