10 Best Video Game Easter Eggs

Since July 14, the Netflix live-action resident Evil is officially bingeable and streaming, with each episode bringing several specific Easter eggs from the franchise’s past. Being one of the oldest and most successful franchises, fans of resident Evil flock to this series for new content from the beloved horror game, certain to pick up on the clues left behind in the show.

Developed by Andrew Dabb, it is only the second television adaptation of the series, after the animated mini-series, Infinite Darkness. From its own universe, Netflix resident Evil packs a punch and a half with a detail-oriented vibe. As the seventh live action episode after the movies, it not only contains references to the games, but also to the movies. With each rewatch, things that once went unnoticed become clear, leaving behind a feel reminiscent of past playthroughs.

Warning: this list contains spoilers for the Resident Evil series.


11 Mutt Mutt

Resident Evil Zombie Dog

In sections of the very first Resident Evil Game, a mutant dog breaks through a window to attack Billie and Jade. It’s quite a surprising and memorable moment, which is exactly why Netflix included the zombified bastard in their resident Evil series.

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Any player of any resident Evil The game will attest to how annoying and infuriating the amount of these aggressive and athletic dogs are. No longer man’s best friend, they show the impending dread they face during certain games and are extremely difficult to film, especially the first in the series.

ten Gravedigger

A gravedigger attacking a building in Resident Evil.

After barely surviving being chased and attacked by a mob of zombies on her way back to camp in Episode 1, Jade Wesker takes a breath of relief. That is, until the ground around her shook with fury.

As a huge mutated worm shoots out of the ground, Jade gets her money’s worth. The example highlights the devastating conditions of people in the world of resident Evil must endure in their daily lives while referencing an ancient enemy, the “Grave Digger”, hailing from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

9 Lickers

Resident Evil Licker from Netflix.

Responsible for some of the scariest moments in Resident Evil 2, Lickers are malevolently mutated humans who are unfathomably deformed. Devoid of eyes and skin, they hunt using sound and their murderous tongue.

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One of many examples of neglect and insufficient morals present in the series, the Lickers were once doomed test subjects to become the victims of the Umbrella Corps. A more upgraded species of these monsters are mass-produced and forced to follow orders, crushing the illusion of free will for the residents of Racoon City.

8 Hydra Shotgun

A close up of a Licker in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

Sound familiar? Well, this easter egg is one for super fans. As they are escorted by a man wielding this weapon, Jade and the others make their way into the sewers, where they are greeted by insidious lickers.

One by one, the lickers are shot at with this three-barreled shotgun, though he doesn’t fight them for long. Native resident evil 5, the Hydra shotgun makes an appearance in episode three of the series. Having the most firepower of any shotgun in the game, it is unlockable and upgradeable by completing the campaign on normal difficulty.

seven Secure room

Ella Balinska in Resident Evil

One of the most notable references to the games, Jade is seen hiding from her many enemies in a room with a typewriter during the series’ fourth episode. This is a direct callback to the secure room of the resident Evil Games.

Giving both Jade as she descends to the ground to rest and players in the games a moment of calm, the Safe Room is known as a place to take refuge from the horrors outside. In the games as well as the Netflix series, the safe is shown with a seemingly impenetrable door with a barred window and a desk with a typewriter on it.

6 Chainsaw guy

Chainsaw Man motionless in Resident Evil

During episode 4 of resident Evil, a character pulling a burlap sack over his head while using a chainsaw as a weapon can be seen when Baxter and Jade have a run-in with a prison cult. Players of the game will recognize this man immediately.

As early as the fourth game in the series, a character known as “Chainsaw Guy”, who was originally a zombie during gameplay, makes an appearance in the series. Looking entirely alike, the only inconsistency is that he still appears to be human since his motor skills are intact, regardless of the number of zombies around him.

5 Lisa Trevor

Lisa Trevor from Netflix's Resident Evil.

When Billie and Jade find a disgusting, inhuman video of a horribly distorted Lisa Trevor in Albert’s computer, it’s nearly exact to the one discovered in the games. With a giant eye poking out of her back, Lisa is shown chained and mutated.

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An Umbrella Corp test subject, Lisa suffered a severe deformity when she was inoculated with a virus that has yet to be mentioned on the show, hinting that it will be revealed next season. The Golgotha ​​virus, aka what was injected into it by Albert in the games, seems like it could be a major plot point later in the series.

4 Red9

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

Viewers finally experience Baxter’s true power as he wields a weapon with a longer barrel than other handguns, shooting and eliminating many zombies for the first time. resident Evil observers may have found it surprising.

However, Baxter is not one of the resident Evil worst acolytes he may initially appear. As an agent of Umbrella, he was trained to shoot to kill. Yet another weapon arsenal easter egg, Baxter wields what appears to be a Red9, a gun that’s a fan favorite for those who’ve played the games for its power and accuracy, adding to the many hair-raising moments of the Netflix series.

3 Moonlight Sonata

Specifically included for those with good ears and an attention to detail, this easter egg is hard to choose. During Episode 5, an important song for the Resident Evil games, “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven, can be heard.

The orchestration turns out to be a piece of Albert’s treasure hunt for Jade and Billie to use. Additionally, to unlock a secret room in the first game’s mansion, the song had to be played. Also featured in Resident Evil 5, the track is canonically a favorite of Oswell Spencer, otherwise known as the co-founder of Umbrella Corp.

2 Albert Wester

Resident Evil Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker

The series’ main antagonist and incredible virologist, Albert Wesker, appears to be different than he was in the games, but all is not as it seems, until his true colors are revealed later in the series. series. Fans of the franchise certainly saw this twist coming.

In Episode 7, viewers see that Albert has cloned himself, meaning Billie and Jade’s father is a clone, along with many others on the show. Bert then admits that the real Albert was pushed into a volcano and murdered, a complete reference to resident evil 5. In addition to this, in the last two episodes, Billie wears a costume similar to Albert’s Matrix-type outfit.

1 P30/Beetle

After the real Albert is introduced, he asks for an update on something he calls the “mental machine”, otherwise known as his clone’s gadget in flashback. What could this device be if not another reminder of games and movies?

The device in question clearly refers to the Scarab machine that Albert used to control Jill Valentine in the two Resident Evil: Afterlife and resident evil 5. With the scarab strapped to her chest continuously filling her veins with P30, the chemical used to manipulate Jill into following orders, she becomes an antagonist with no free will.

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