15 Ms Marvel Episode 3 Easter Eggs

We get a big Easter egg for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in this week Ms. Marvel episode.

🚨 Warning: there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Ms. Marvel Episode 3 on Disney+! 🚨


First, in the flashback of finding Kamala’s bracelet, you can see it’s on a blue-skinned person’s severed arm. In previous MCU projects, we know blue skin is related to the Kree. It’s also a great nod to how Kamala’s journey will eventually intersect with Captain Marvel.


As the British threaten to collapse the temple on Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha and her friends in 1942, you can see they are standing on the Ten Rings. In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, we discovered this powerful organization led by Wenwu.


While talking to Kamala, Kamran’s mother Najma hints that he may one day be able to have powers like Kamala, which is a nod to Kamran’s backstory in the comics. In the comics, Kamran has powers and discovers them after being exposed to Terrigen Mist, similar to Kamala.


Najma explains to Kamala that they are from the Noor dimension and are known as “illegals”. Although the Noor Dimension does not exist in the comics, a version of the Clandestines does. In the Marvel comics, Clan Destine is a group of children whose parents are Adam of Destine and Elalyth, who is a Djinn.


While listing all the things the Clandestines have been called, Najma mentions “Invisible”, which is a nod to What if…? and The Observer. In the comics, the Invisibles are a group of people who can avoid The Watcher’s surveillance.


Also, Najma says they are more commonly known as “Djinn”, which Kamala has heard of. In the Marvel comics, Djinn is a race of people believed to be the offspring of Lilith. Also, as I mentioned above, Clan Destine’s comic background is also about Djinn. In real life, Djinn has also origins in Islam and are considered angels. The word comes from the Arabic word “Djinn”, which means “demons or spirits”.


When Kamala asks Bruno if he knows anything about interdimensional travel, Bruno mentions that he once read an article by Dr. Erik Selvig. Of course, Selvig made his first MCU appearance in Thor alongside Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis.


When Aamir comes down and says they were only supposed to hide a pair of his shoes, it’s a nod to the wedding tradition called “Joota Chori” where the bride’s family hides the groom’s shoes. If you watch the scene before Aamir enters, you can see a young boy coming down the stairs with all his shoes on.


When Imam advises Kamala, he is actually quoting a moment from the Ms. Marvel comics. In Ms. Marvel Number 5 from 2014, this quote about being good occurs as she makes her new costume and paints her signature yellow lightning bolt.


At one point, you can see Kamala wearing an Iron Man t-shirt. In real life, Iman Vellani has said that Robert Downey Jr. is his favorite actor and Iron Man/Tony Stark is his favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe character.


You can spot a poster for Nicholas Tesla hanging in Bruno’s room during episode 3. Nikola was an inventor and engineer who notably discovered, then patented, the rotating magnetic field, which is the basis of most alternating current machines.


While performing a dance for Aamir and Tyesha’s wedding, you’ll notice his youngest relative is wearing the Hulk costume that Kamala’s parents made for him in Episode 1.


When Kamala fights the stowaways, she uses her new powers to create a large fist by punching them. It’s a nod to Ms. Marvel comics, where Kamala often enlarges and stretches her arm and fist during combat.


When Najma grabs Kamala’s bracelet and they see another vision, you’ll notice it’s a train heading towards them with “Karachi” written across the front. In Episode 2, we learned about the Khan family and their connection to Karachi and how Muneeba’s family moved to Karachi after partition.


And finally, when Kamala drops onto her bed, you can see her adorable stuffed sloth. This time, he is wearing a nice little sweater cardigan. Again, it’s something that comes from Ms. Marvel comics.

Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool details? Got a better theory for the one mentioned above? Tell me all about it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter!

Alicia R. Rucker