2 dead in Bartow County house fire on Easter Sunday

Two people died when their house caught fire and they were trapped in flames in a tragedy on Easter Sunday.

“The flames were going up right in front of the house and going out through the top windows,” said Doug Cornwell, who lives just down the road.

Cornwell said he had just finished an Easter egg hunt with his grandchildren when they saw the smoke. Cornwell ran to see if there was anything he could do. He found the owner’s daughter who told him she had to join her mother and son who were inside the burning house.

“I was trying to hold her back and she pulled away from me and walked in and disappeared in the smoke,” Cornwell said.

She came out a few seconds later. The flames were moving too fast and the smoke was too thick. Cornwell knew this because he also tried to enter the burning house.

“As I start to walk in there is just a curtain of black smoke that hit me in the face,” said Cornwell.

Soon the relief units stopped. Firefighters fought the blaze through the night and into the late morning.

The house is gone with many classic cars that father and son loved to restore. But much more devastating than that, neighbors said a 70-year-old woman and her 20-year-old grandson died in the blaze.

Those who live on the country road where everyone seems to know each other, are heartbroken for the family whose lives have been shattered.

“Material things don’t matter, but once we found out there were people inside the house, all of our neighbors were sincere,” said Cornwell.

The daughter and her son who managed to get out of the house were both rushed to hospital with smoke inhalation and burns.

Firefighters have yet to determine how the blaze started.

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Alicia R. Rucker