All Easter Eggs in Arcane Act 2

The second act of the new animated series from Riot Games, Esoteric, was released on Netflix on November 13. The series is already a huge success, reaching a score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and being the best series on Netflix in several countries around the world. But even with all those eyes on Piltover and Zaun, there are a few details in the series that only League of Legends fans will notice.

We went through episodes four through six looking for Easter eggs, compiling a list of all the hidden messages, and nodding our heads. League universe we found in act two of Esoteric. Because the Easter eggs need to be hidden, we won’t be counting any obvious indications, like Viktor’s laser or the appearance of Imagine Dragons in episode five.


The first easter egg from act two of Esoteric is almost at the start of episode four. As Silco’s henchmen load the Shimmer onto the airship, we can briefly see Gragas’ hand, barrel, and silhouette drawn on the containers.

Image via Riot Games

Quintuple murder

In the same episode, when Sevika returns to Silco to tell him what happened on the airship, we see different scenes of Zaun. Of these, for a brief moment, League fans can see a tattoo shop in which the artist draws a Pentakill logo on someone’s back.

Image via Riot Games

Get Jinxed, animals

Later in episode four, when we are shown Jinx’s hiding place where she is experimenting and spending time with her “friends”, there is a wooden horse right next to the couch. He looks like a rhino, the same one she rides in the “Get Jinxed” music video.

Image via Riot Games

Next, Silco comes to visit Jinx in his lab and she shows him the Hextech gem she stole. She hands the gem to Silco and then wishes him a “Happy Progress Day”, setting off fireworks while swinging from a small carousel with horses. A similar horse is seen in episode one in Jayce’s lab.

Image via Riot Games


In Episode Five, we see Vi bring Caitlyn to a brothel to ask her for information about the whereabouts of Silco, his henchmen, and Powder. When the two enter the main hall, we see several rooms with different people. Two strangers wear masks that League fans will find it familiar. Specifically, they wear masks with the Kindred symbol on them.


We then go directly to the sixth episode of the series. Specifically, we head to the scene where Silco walks into Marcus’ room and he’s playing with the executor’s daughter. One of Silco’s henchmen in the room is seen reading a little red book full of Teemo stories, with many illustrations of the little yordle.

Image via Riot Games

arcane the third and final act will be released on November 20 on Netflix.

Alicia R. Rucker