Amy Huberman shares ‘traditional’ Easter Sunday breakfast

Amy Huberman has shared her ‘traditional’ Easter Sunday breakfast – telling her followers it’s a ‘v simple’ recipe.

Amy reveals that making a chocolate Easter egg for breakfast is quick and easy.

“You just rip the ingredients out of the box and then stuff them in your face.”

The actress goes on to ask how her followers “take care” of their eggs.

“Open it?” Carefully nibble the top? Broken in two? she asked.

“My brother used to break in half, fill each half with milk, then eat and drink as you go.

“Jesus, he was like an artist,” she concluded.

A commenter joked that he put a slice and a sausage in his Easter egg. Photo: Aldi.

The Finding Joy star was inundated with comments in response to her question, with her followers revealing some clever techniques for eating Easter eggs.

“I’m going to break mine in half and toss with ice cream and Baileys, top with whipped cream chocolate flakes and dip,” one follower shared.

Another revealed: ‘We throw an egg at each other until someone drops it and it cracks!

Amy Huberman
Amy revealed her brother used to split his Easter egg in half, add milk and eat and drink as he goes. Photo: TEN

‘I don’t know why but it’s become a tradition now!’

A third revealed: ‘Break the top off and fill it with sausages, slices and ketchup, not hash browns because that would be weird.’

Meanwhile, many have praised Amy’s brother, citing that he must be “some kind of culinary genius”.

Alicia R. Rucker