An Easter Sunday egg hunt in Wilkie was well received

On Easter Sunday, a special egg hunt was organized by a local couple as part of St. James’s Church Family Activities.

WILKIE – On Easter Sunday, April 17, the parking lot at St. James’s Church in Wilkie was very busy in the early afternoon as parents and children signed up for the Easter egg hunt organized by Sarah and Jesse Natské.

It was the second afternoon of family fun the couple hosted.

The Easter Hunt attracted 28 families and over 60 children of all ages participated. Sarah said the rules were simple. Children six and older had to go to Memorial Park. She said to make sure to check in the trees, on the ground and around the trees. A young girl was coming out and said, “Where’s Memorial Park?” I’m from Edmonton. Younger children aged five and under had to hunt around the grounds of St. James’s Church and across the street on the old playground of St. George’s School, always being careful in crossing the street. Each group was given a sheet with clues to help find the eggs and it wasn’t long before they were off in all directions shouting ‘Let’s find the eggs’.

There were special eggs. Saran said: “Some Easter eggs had a ticket inside which meant the child was the winner of a prize and if you found another you had to share it. Table [is] lots of prizes purchased with kind donations from the community. The response was incredible, making the day a success.

Some of the other eggs had chocolate in them and some had Bible verses printed on them. One of Sarah’s goals is to bring children and families closer to God in a non-denominational way.

Sarah, who holds a Bachelor of Education degree specializing in early childhood development, is on maternity leave from her job at Unity Public School.

She said: “At school, I love collaborating with parents and their children, planning unique events throughout the school year. Jesse and I have already started planning for the next event and hope the weather will be just a little warmer. Posters and information will be posted on our St. James Family Faith Days Facebook page.

She adds: “There are many benefits to hosting these events for families, but one of the biggest is that Jesse and I meet a lot of new families and the families make new friends. We really appreciate the support. He made the effort to plan and organize every minute.”

Alicia R. Rucker