Austin Theory puts John Cena’s Easter eggs in what he wears and his moves

Since he started wrestling, Austin Theory has been compared to John Cena because of his similar appearance.

The theory leaned into the comparisons, even calling out Cena, who caught the WWE Champion’s attention on several occasions.

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Speaking on WWE El Brunch, Theory explained why he’s inspired by Cena.

“I didn’t know anything about wrestling. I was eight, I turned on the TV, I saw John Cena. I started looking and paying attention and he had that aura, that energy around him. . He could just grab attention in a really good way. The things he said and the messages he put out were very positive and motivating. I found myself really invested in John Cena; the storylines, the games. , everything he went through was cool. It helped me with a lot of things in my personal life and it was almost an escape for me. John Cena paved this way for what I was trying to do for a career. I’ve always known for eight years that I wanted to be in WWE and Cena has always been that motivation and that clear path to ‘never give up’, stay strong, whatever you want you can have it and I stayed with this message and it led me here “, he said.

The theory went on to reveal that he tries to pay homage to Cena and others who inspired him by hiding Easter eggs in his performances.

“I have things that I do that are inspired by him. I have a few other things that are inspired by other people that I’m trying to squeeze in there. They are very small things. I don’t like. not give them away and I won’t say it for now, but little Easter eggs and clues from people like, “Oh wait, is that because he looked at John Cena? Is that why he is doing this or that he is wearing this? I like people to ask questions without letting them know. There are certainly hints of Cena in what I do ”, he said.

Theory is slated to make Team Raw in the five-on-five knockout match of the WWE Survivor Series.

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Alicia R. Rucker