Batman: Arkham’s Darkest Villain Easter Eggs

The Batman: Arkham the games pay homage to every part of the DC Universe both in their stories and in their many Easter eggs and references, including villains most have never heard of. Batman as a character has been around for a long time and has passed through several creative hands, all of whom had different ideas of what the perfect Caped Crusader villain looks like. Of course, some have been more successful than others, but the Arkham games spared no effort when it came to referencing them.

Batman: Arkham is stuffed to the brim with Easter eggs and secrets. From movies to TV shows, and of course the comics, alternate costumes, Batmobile designs, and Easter eggs ensure that no rock of character lore is left unturned. However, this means that many of the villains do not physically appear in the games and have instead been referenced via the aforementioned environmental details.


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Even though Black Mask is Batman: Arkham, he has far more screen time than other villains who have faced the Dark Knight over the decades. However, that doesn’t mean the games can’t at least reference them throughout the series. There are three obscure Batman villains in particular that have Easter eggs hidden throughout the games that players might have missed.

Prometheus appears on a wanted poster in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Close up of Prometheus wanted poster in Batman Arkham Asylum

Many Batman villains act as dark reflections of the character, from Mister Freeze and his all-consuming grief, to the Joker and the mayhem he represents. Then there’s Prometheus, whose origins are close to those of Bruce Wayne. His real name is not given in the Batman: Arkham games, but Prometheus saw his parents shot by the police at a young age. He then trained to the peak of human ability and intellect for revenge, devoting himself to a life of crime.

Much like another subtle DC Easter egg in Batman: Arkham KnightPrometheus is evoked through a clip on the wall in arkham asylum. Unlike that other easter egg, however, it’s a little easier to find the Prometheus one because it’s part of the Riddler’s side mission. The photo of Prometheus is the solution to the riddle, “Prometheus, Arkham’s most wanted and hated guards.His wanted photo is, of course, on a guard’s cork board.

Batman: Arkham City Villain Hideouts Hint at Broker

Victor Zsasz in a cage in Batman Arkham City

Part of what makes Batman: Arkham games so good at fanservice is that they use fanservice and easter eggs to expand and deepen the world they create. For example, a question often asked about Batman and other superheroes is how villains manage to get their hands on private property. Batman: Arkham City gives the answer in the same way it foreshadowed the return of Scarecrow: by subtly leaving clues for the player to find.

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In Zsasz’s hideout, there are cards scattered on the floor with the word “Broker“In large bold print. On the scarecrow’s secret hideout hidden in the tugboat in the bay, there is a note stating “Mr. Fine will give you everything you need.Finally, after completing the last Riddler room, Oracle informs Batman that Nygma has obtained the rooms of a Sherman Fine, aka The Broker. The Broker is the money launderer who manages and secures the funds of several supervillains in the Batman universe. It’s been particularly interesting since The Broker first appeared in Gotham City Sirenswhich was written by Batman: Arkham Citythe writer Paul Dini. Although he’s a Batman villain who has yet to make a physical appearance in the game, these hints of his existence and role in the city’s gang war are interesting.

Ratcatcher is the hardest Easter egg of all in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Most Disappointing Villain Arkham Knight Riddler

As shown by James Gunn The Suicide Squad, there are a surprising number of people who have inherited The Ratcatcher’s mantle. However, the Batman: Arkham the games only care about the original, Otis Flannegan, a former rat catcher turned rat-themed supervillain. Not a villain that most would call menacing, until one realizes that in a sprawling New York-style metropolis like Gotham City, a man who could control rats would be potentially unstoppable. However, this potential was never truly explored for the character, leading to him falling by the wayside. Even so, the Batman: Arkham games have alluded to Ratcatcher in cool and unique ways, starting with Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The first clue to the Ratcatcher in arkham asylum comes via a cleverly hidden Riddler clue, and in Batman: Arkham Knight, his gloves and mask are on a desk in the GCPD. Far more interesting, however, is his other Arkham Knight Easter eggs. This easter egg can only be found by cutting through the floor in a specific scripted part of the game, in this case, the Riddler Numeracy 101 room. Once in the room with Catwoman, the player must cut through the floor , where he’ll find a bunch of floating screens that come together to form the image of the Ratcatcher. It’s not the same kind of world-building hint as Batman: Arkham AsylumThe secret tablets foreshadowing Quincy Sharpe’s descent into madness, but more of a fun easter egg using an underrepresented villain from Batman’s rogues gallery. It would make for an awesome twist if it was a hint at his role in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguebut for now, Ratcatcher remains only hinted at in the Arkhamverse.

Batman: ArkhamThe Easter Eggs of show a love and care for the source material, but also a respect for the player’s choice in making them so well hidden and a restraint in keeping them as Easter Eggs and nothing more meaningful. These villains will likely never find their way into Batman’s main villain gallery, but they are part of his universe and his mythos and should be treated as such. Then again, just a few decades ago the same was said of characters like Mister Freeze, so anything is possible. Anyway, these Batman: Arkham The Easter Eggs also show just how content-dense Rocksteady’s games were, with each one very easy to miss if the player isn’t dedicated enough to discovering everything. With a bit of luck, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League can continue this tradition of Batman: Arkham series when released in 2023.

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