Blumhouse’s Updated Motion Logo Is Filled With Horror Easter Eggs

Blumhouse has released a new animated logo that has lots of fun references to their horror releases.

Blumhouse Productions released a new animated logo and features some fun easter eggs for fans of the horror releases the company has released. Fans are familiar with Blumhouse’s previous move logo that appears before every movie. There is the name of the company, then a floating chair, a green light, a book and a young girl. There is then a light bulb and a cracked ceiling.

What Easter eggs are featured in Blumhouse’s new animated logo? These refer to some of the most popular releases of recent years.


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Right away, fans see a Halloween Iconic villain Michael Myers’ easter egg is in the woods. He’s only here briefly, but the infamous killer is just as creepy as ever. There’s also a cupcake signaling Tree Gelbman’s (Jessica Rothe) birthday in the 2017 horror-comedy. Happy Death Day, with a camera in the room reporting paranormal activity and a gift representing Gift. There are also snare drums for Whiplash and a comb BlacKkKlansmantwo of Blumhouse’s best non-horror movies and both released in 2014.

Other horror Easter eggs include two girls wearing masks from The purgeone of Blumhouse’s most popular horror franchises, and the Lipstick-Face demon of Insidious also appears briefly.

Fans of the Blumhouse TV series In the dark will be happy to see Season 1’s Pooka in the Bedroom, the mascot animal of a totally evil children’s toy. When actor Wilson Clowes (Nyasha Hatendi) dons the outfit, he’s overjoyed to finally have a job, but then realizes that Pooka is taking over his life and doing horrible things. It was a great inclusion on the motion logo as Pooka is an interesting, dynamic, and memorable character.

There’s also a black phone that’s an easter egg for the 2022 horror movie The black phonebased on the story by Joe Hill and one of Blumhouse’s most thrilling horror releases of 2022.

The animated logo is the perfect mix of iconic villains (the Lipstick-Face Demon and Michael Myers) with fun elements from the Blumhouse movies, like the cupcake and the black telephone. It’s fun to choose Easter eggs and this animated logo is creating even more excitement for future releases.

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Alicia R. Rucker