Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Pasco’s Moose Lodge

For this Easter weekend, the Moose Lodge in Pasco celebrated the holiday by hosting a breakfast with the Easter Bunny.

About 100 members of the local community arrived with their grandparents, parents and children to start the morning with eggs, ham, pancakes, hash browns and the Easter bunny.

“We have a fabulous Easter Bunny and the kids love it,” said Roger Fichter, administrator of Moose Lodge.

The Moose Lodge in Pasco is one of many Moose Lodges across the country – being that Moose Lodge is an international organization of men and women dedicated to caring for children in need, elderly members and their local communities. .

Events like Easter Breakfast with the Easter Bunny are things that help Moose Lodge raise funds not only to keep their lodge operational, but also to donate to local community charities like the foster children and Rowena Chess Elementary.

As a private member organization, members can attend their local lodge for food and drink. Events open to the public include bingo nights every Monday and Wednesday and holiday events such as Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. But once COVID hit, events at Moose Lodge were badly affected.

“We haven’t had any events for over a year, so we haven’t had any funds from these events that we usually host,” said Moose Lodge Governor David Hilbert.

Fortunately, Moose Lodge members and local volunteers were so passionate about Moose International’s cause that they continued to give as much as they could.

“We love what the Moose Lodge stands for.” longtime members Jim and Carol Rawlinson said.

Each year, the Moose Lodge gives an average of $ 80 million to local communities across North America. Two of those causes include Moose Heart Child City and School, a Kindergarten to Grade 12 residential and educational daycare located 40 miles outside of Chicago for at-risk youth, and Moose Haven, Florida for retired members. from Moose.

A year after the pandemic, Pasco’s Moose Lodge is finally starting to come out of its hiatus. Breakfast with the Easter Bunny is their second event in over a year.

“It’s so nice to see families slowly come back to some kind of normalcy,” the Rawlinsons said as they watched their granddaughter climb onto the Easter Bunny’s lap and take a picture.

“We are very grateful to our volunteers. They’ve been there since morning, making all this breakfast out of the goodness of their hearts. Fichter sys.

You can visit Moose International website for more information.

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Alicia R. Rucker