Chocoholic picks up BAGS of Easter eggs as Sainsbury’s cuts them to 30p and refuses to apologize for getting a bargain

EASTER may be over, but chocolate lovers are still making the most of the holidays.

A chocolate addict took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to share a picture of their sweet harvest.


A chocolate addict proudly showed off his collection of reduced dairy-free Easter eggs from Sainsbury’s, where they were on sale for 30p eachCredit: Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

“Sainsburys currently have NoMo eggs for 30p each…” wrote Terry Marrison.

“I know I have a charge but listen to me before you judge I like chocolate, enough said.”

The photo appeared to show about 23 of the 30 Nomo eggs.

In fact, these particular eggs are dairy-free and retail for around £8 each at Easter.

Responses to Terry’s post were mixed, with some praising the “honesty”.

“Wow wish my sainsburys had this, I would get my daughter some as she has to be dairy free,” one person wrote.

“Thumbs up for this great deal, enjoy your chocolate.”

“I’d rather someone take them than they go in the trash, enjoy,” someone else commented.

“Oh have fun you don’t need to explain yourself,” wrote a third.

“My daughter is dairy intolerant so I would do the same if I saw them at 30p each!” another comment read.

But others were less than impressed, with one person writing: “Leave some for others?”

“I wish ours had some left over, our son has a dairy allergy and this is the only egg he would eat on Easter (he didn’t like the others),” another added.

“Nomo eggs, I’ve had enough!” someone else commented hilariously.

Alicia R. Rucker