Chocolate, things to eat with chocolate and an Easter Sunday roast delivered

You’ll recognize The Menu at Easter by the chocolate smeared head on him and you can be sure that much of his consumption will be splendid chocolates from his beloved chocolate factory (, on the English market. And while many products will be sourced from around the world, it will also consume chocolates from top Irish chocolatiers, including chocolates from the Kingdom. The menu has always been very attached to Benoit Lorge’s range, with the selections from the Frenchman from Kenmare always proving to be finer and tastier (

On his last visit to The Chocolate Shop, The Menu was particularly taken with the wonderful range of Easter eggs from Skellig Chocolates – another excellent Kerry chocolatier. Handmade with solid chocolate – another bonus point as The Menu always feels hollow Easter eggs are something of a swizz – they come in two weights, 400g and 1kg and flavors include: strawberry and champagne; Hazelnut Praline; Limited Edition Teeling Irish Whiskey; salted caramel from the Irish Sea; honeycomb and marshmallow; and mint, with a signature mint truffle center (

Pair chocolate with whiskey or beer

A drop of the finest Irish whiskey so often makes a splendid partner for good chocolate, so a pairing masterclass, Teeling Whiskey & Chocolate Pairing (April 1) is highly recommended, especially as it features the pastry chef of Chapter One Darren Hogarty and your pre-ordered event pack and tickets (€50 total) include four Teeling samples (50ml), premium chocolate samples, mason jar and cocktail ingredients, a whiskey glass, a recipe card and a tasting mat.

Another favorite chocolate pairing from The Menu’s lately has been a limited edition beer from Porterhouse Brew Co. Although calling Around The Clock a “beer” is almost a misnomer as it is a stout that has undergone a particularly prolonged maturation of 365 days. in bourbon and sherry casks from Dingle Whiskey Distillery, the process resulting in a quite extraordinary concoction, a rich, velvety mouthfeel and deep, complex flavors of stewed fruit, marzipan and cocoa.


An Easter edition of their ever-splendid Pudding Row comfort kit ( in Sligo (delivery nationwide) is always brimming with wonderful treats, edibles and otherwise, including salted caramel filled chocolate hearts from chocolatier Mayo Noo Chocolates.

When it comes to nose the menu has a list as long as his arm and also his other arm and then the arms of another dozen particularly armed citizens and at the top of that list is a return to Ballymaloe House for some of their legendary hospitality and Chef Dervilla O’Flynn’s wonderful iteration of Myrtle Allen’s culinary ethos, but in the meantime, a home finishing box from Legendary Kitchens, Ballymaloe At Home: Easter Feasting, including also some sweet delights from pastry chef JR Ryall, is quite adequate compensation, all the more so if you add wines selected from Ballymaloe’s wonderful cellar by sommelier Samuel Chantoiseau.

Easter Sunday Family Day — livery

Bujo Easter Sunday Family Celebration

At the foot of Bujo Burger’s splendid review by colleague Leslie Williams and aware that The Menu is down to the enormous talent of Bujo’s culinary director Gráinne O’Keefe, The Menu believes that their special Easter Sunday family celebration is worth well a punt, feeding four to six people, with three meal kits in one for €90 (domestic delivery April 2). The Easter Sunday roast includes a 21-day aged Irish strip loin, served with roast duck fat, creamy garlic and nutmeg potato gratin, roasted root vegetables and a apples. A six-serving dessert kit includes a Bakers Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel Sauce, while the Mini Burger Masterpiece Kit Leslie raved about includes six beef patties, brioche buns, cheese, pickles and secret Bujo sauce. A Bujo Gift tea towel and a brief instructional video from Gráinne surely seals the deal!

The Twelve Hotel’s limited-edition Easter cocktail set, €90, includes six delicious cocktails, complete with chocolate eggs and bunnies in which to serve the two chocolate flavored cocktails (Baileys Espresso Martini and The Grasshopper, served in chocolate , topped with The Twelve’s own salted caramel sauce or chocolate sauce and Baileys). The price includes delivery throughout France.


    Internationally award-winning MIA chocolate produced from bean to bar in Madagascar
Internationally award-winning MIA chocolate produced from bean to bar in Madagascar

After Valentine’s Day and then Mother’s Day, it seems that The Menu has been eating nothing but chocolate lately and besides, he’s not complaining about it. Although he usually showcases Irish goods at this location, the origins of chocolate are a little further from the parish and in the spirit of acting local and thinking global he is happy to bring news of a new Irish charity, Proudly Made in Africa. , supporting the creation of sustainable jobs in countries such as Madagascar, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya, and promoting the message of “trade, not aid” as the optimal solution to African poverty. Through its online store, PMIA supports, connects and promotes African businesses producing organic, fair trade, eco-friendly and award-winning products, while supporting women’s empowerment, livelihoods and environmental habitats.

Retailing a range of products including organic teas, spices and cocoa beans, handmade stuffed animals, natural soaps and Moyee Coffee, the world’s first Fair Chain coffee. And how does all this relate to the above? Well, PMIA also sells chocolate at retail, including internationally award-winning MIA chocolate produced from bean to bar in Madagascar and even among the wealth of fine chocolate tastes lately, the menu has been particularly taken with MIA’s Dark Chocolate (65%) with Baobab Powder and Salted Nibs – a well-balanced chocolate with hints of citrus and smoky cocoa and a savory salty crunch via cocoa nibs, all resolving in a fruity finish.

Alicia R. Rucker