Couple win £1m lotto on Easter Sunday


the couple got a big surprise on Easter Sunday in the form of a £1million lottery win

Stephen Webster, 44, and his partner Arran Taylor, 40, were planning an Easter egg hunt for their two children when he found out he was a National Lottery millionaire.

Mr Webster, from Somerset, hit five main numbers and the bonus ball in the lotto draw on Easter Saturday.

Lotto 3

The couple were so shocked by the victory that they initially forgot their children were still patiently waiting upstairs for the Easter egg hunt to begin.

“Arran and I were having an Easter egg hunt for the kids downstairs while they waited in the guest bedroom for us to hide all the eggs,” Mr Webster said.

“Arran was really doing all the work while I was checking my emails, that’s when I noticed one from the National Lottery with news about my ticket.

“I didn’t really think about it when I saw the email, so when I logged into my National Lottery account and registered the amount, I had to sit down.

“I called Arran and she checked it a few times too.

“After that, we were both so excited that we forgot about the Easter egg hunt and the fact that the kids were still upstairs.

“We quickly finished hiding the rest of the eggs and quickly called them.

“Once all the eggs were found and the kids were preoccupied with the chocolate, we sat down for a cup of tea and checked everything again, just to be sure it was real.

“We finally confirmed the victory with Camelot later today, but it’s only just starting to show.”

Lotto 1

Mr. Webster, who works as an engineer at a power station, and his partner as a distribution optician, have big plans for their victory.

“We want to take the kids to Disneyland

“When we told them about the win, that was the first thing they asked,” he said.

“They don’t really understand what’s going on but are really excited to meet Mickey Mouse.”

Ms Taylor added: “Our son wants an Xbox and our daughter recently turned 10 so shopping is high on her list.

“We’re planning on taking a little road trip and having a girls day.”

Alicia R. Rucker