Cowboy Bebop Easter Eggs Revealed By The Cast & How They Did It

They also talk about filming the opening credits and what they’re most excited about people seeing in the Netflix series.

John Cho - Mustafa Shakir - Daniella Pineda - Cowboy Bebop Social Interview

With Netflix’s live adaptation of Cowboy Bebop arriving on the streamer this friday, i recently had the chance to chat with Jean Cho (Spike Spiegel), Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) and Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black) on the making of the expected series. During the fun interview they revealed some of the many Easter Eggs hidden in the show, what they’re most excited fans see about the show, what it was like to film the credits opening and trying to recreate the animated series, if they think the show is really about food and music and catching the bad guys is just what’s going on in between talking about those things, and more. Also, I jokingly asked Cho if Spike would ever get off the ship if the Bebop was making delicious noodles, and which of them started showering, bathing, showering (that’s one thing? in one of the episodes).

If you’ve never seen Cowboy Bebop, the live-action series adapts the iconic ’90s anime of the same name into Shinichiro Watanabe. The original show follows a group of space bounty hunters in 2071 and their lives aboard the eponymous ship Bebop, as they navigate life and attempt to escape their past. The show is famous for its unique blend of western, sci-fi and noir sensibilities, as well as its incredible jazz-inspired soundtrack. While Netflix’s live-action series is extremely loyal to the anime, it takes its time bringing the team together and expanding the roles of Alex Hassell as vicious and Elena Satine like Julia.

Cowboy Bepop is written by Christophe yost, who is also a producer, and André Nemec is the showrunner. The series is a co-production between the creators of the original series Sunrise Inc., with executive producer Marty adelsteinfrom Tomorrow Studios and the production team at Midnight Radio.



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Check out what John Cho, Daniella Pineda, and Mustafa Shakir had to say in the player above and everything we talked about is listed below.

John Cho, Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir

  • Did any of them start to take a shower, a bath, a shower following the episode which speaks about it?

  • Would Spike get off the ship if the Bebop made delicious noodles?

  • Do they think the show is really about food and that talking about music and catching bad guys is exactly what’s going on between those things?

  • What are they most excited to see on the show?

  • How the series is loaded with Easter eggs.

  • What Easter Eggs Should People Look For?

  • What was it like filming the opening credits and trying to recreate the animated series?

  • Did they ever want to leave the set with their costumes on just to show people how cool the costumes were?

  • How John Cho became a suit after doing the show.


Image via Netflix

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