Cozy Saturday, mild and dry Easter Sunday | Time


SATURDAY: Sunny to partly cloudy and less cold in the afternoon. High: 53

SATURDAY EVENING: Becoming cloudy and less cold; maybe a brief shower after midnight. Low: 36

EASTER SUNDAY: Becoming milder, mixture of sun and clouds. High: 61


While April started off with a rather early March feel, a warming trend will start this weekend, with 60 degree high temperatures returning just in time for Easter Sunday! The forecast also appears to remain mostly dry, possibly throughout the first half of next week, with consistent highs in the 60s starting on Sunday and only the low probability of a passing downpour here or there. So, despite the fresh and lively first two days of April, we will resume a more springtime atmosphere from this weekend.



The weekend should start with lots of sun, much lighter winds and temperatures closer to the season. After a cold start with morning temperatures again in the mid-20s, we will bounce back into the low 50s in the afternoon. A low altitude disturbance will approach our north at the end of the day increasing the clouds. A pinch or gust of wind from this disturbance is also not ruled out on Saturday evening, but the vast majority of the area is expected to remain dry.


While waiting for this weak disturbance to pass on Saturday evening, a few early morning clouds on Easter Sunday should give way to plenty of sunshine as the day progresses, and warmer temperatures are likely to result. Expect afternoon highs to climb into the 60s after a cold start with temperatures in the 30s. All in all it will be a favorable day for all outdoor projects and activities. Easter egg hunts at the end of the day!


Expect a mix of cloud and sun on Monday and Tuesday, which seems mostly dry at this point and still mild enough for this time of year with highs in the 60s. A downpour or two is possible from Tuesday late to early Wednesday, as a warm front in the west is slowly approaching the area, but chances are that most of the weather will remain dry. Expect a little more cloud cover than Wednesday thanks to this warm front to our west, but most of the day seems dry at this point with highs remaining mild in the mid-1960s.


Alicia R. Rucker