Craig The Brute Easter Eggs From Halo Infinite Campaign Teased By 343

Quotes from developer 343 Industries in a Halo Infinite comparison video tease inclusion in Craig the Brute’s Easter Egg campaign.

According to the comments of developer 343 Industries, Infinite halo‘s the campaign will honor Craig the bully with Easter eggs to find for observant players. Good ol ‘Craig became a superstar just over a year ago, shortly after entering Xbox Canon via the first showing of Infinite halo gameplay during a showcase hosted by Microsoft in July 2020. Halfway through the campaign demo, Master Chief pulls the helmet of a Brute whose face is less than well rendered. Viewers get a good glimpse of the enemy before the protagonist easily kills them.

Shortly thereafter, a close-up of the deceased Brute’s cup started circling online and quickly turned into a meme. Users on Facebook and Reddit threads dubbed the character in question Craig the Brute, spawning another Xbox mascot that brand leadership and 343 Industries quickly embraced. All the brutes of Infinite halo have since received a makeover, of course, with detailed textures that would no doubt make Craig jealous. He doesn’t need to feel threatened, however; unlike his Brutish brothers, Craig’s sacrifice will be honored in the game, according to the developers.


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Yesterday, November 17, Game Informer uploaded a comparison video highlighting the improvements between Halo Infinite Revelation of the 2020 campaign and the final version for the next 2021 release. Reading a quote from 343 Industries at around 2h50 of a second, the media revealed that Craig the Brute had been “banned“of the shooter’s long-awaited campaign. However, technically players have yet to see Craig’s last. The 343 remarks cited in the Infinite halo comparison video teased that “Zeta Halo, the eagle-eyed explorers, may well regain some of his legacy. “

It seems that those who are interested in Craig the bully will stumble upon Easter eggs honoring his small role in the original campaign demo for Infinite halo. What these references may imply currently remains a mystery that gamers will no doubt find shortly after the shooter ‘s digital and retail launch in a few weeks.

Plans were initially in place for the next Halo Chapter will arrive in stores in late 2020 alongside Xbox Series X | S consoles. The mixed reactions to the aforementioned revelation, however, forced Microsoft and 343 Industries to weigh their options, ultimately resulting in the title’s one-year delay. Obviously, the extra development time worked in Halo Infinite favor, evidenced by the much improved visuals and refined gameplay, gameplay that PC and Xbox users can now enjoy following the early release of the multiplayer sequel.

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Infinite halo releases for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S platforms on December 8.

Source: Game Informant / YouTube

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