Creative and fun Easter Sunday activity ideas for kids

Creative and fun Easter Sunday ideas for kids

Before that Easter holiday weekend, some people may be wondering what to do with the smallest of guests. Kids have such short attention spans, dressing them up for Easter dinner or taking them out to hear the Sunday bon mot may not be enough for the whole day. If you’re expecting a number of guests or just want to have some indoor fun with the kids, there are plenty of “do-it-yourself” family activities to kick-start your Easter Sunday celebration. Easter egg hunts and basket making are always great games for toddlers, but if you want to keep it interesting, here is a list of ten optional activities.

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1. Balance the Eggs

The eggs go in a basket, minus the decorative trim. Ask the children to balance the basket on their head and see who holds the longest without dropping it! Practicing balance and patience while sprinkling with competition!

2. Egg and Spoon Race

The egg and spoon race is pretty self-explanatory. Everyone gets a spoon and an egg is placed in it, racing to the other side of the room or yard. Remember, this one is better to try with cooked eggs!

3. Sponge painting

Get artistic with a little sponge and watercolors. Use the sponge to create beautiful pieces of mixed hues.

4. Plant flowers

Go outside! Kids today love technology, but it never hurts to get down and turn the dirt around. Planting and gardening not only entertains your child, but can also help them learn responsibility and compassion.

5. Build Peep Houses

The most famous Easter candy, the Peeps marshmallow, is a hit with children. Let them use their Peeps in a certain way, using frosting to build a structure out of the bird-shaped plush candies.

6. Make a fondue

In a melting pot, combine chocolate, butter and milk. Then take some fruit, candies or bread and dip them into the mixture with a skewer. Make it more interesting by cutting bread/cake in the shape of an Easter egg or an Easter bunny.

7. Easter Bunny Origami

Get out that construction paper and get to folding! Remember that no attempt at origami folding should have a perfect result, it’s the effort and quality time that counts the most!

8. Threading the sheets

Objects in nature are great for children’s sensory development. One of the cheapest and most fun activities is picking spring leaves and stringing them into a necklace, belt, dress, or whatever else a child can imagine.

9. Bingo Jelly Bean

Also, self explanatory: Jelly Bean bingo. Create bingo cards, and instead of your average marker, have kids place jelly beans on their selections until bingo is called! You can also organize prizes for the winners.

10. Pin the tail on the bunny

Take an Internet photo of a rabbit, print it out and stick it on the wall. Give children thumbtacks and blindfold them. They won’t be entertained trying to find the tail of the picture.

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