Disney+ Easter Eggs Only die-hard Marvel fans noticed in the Iron Fist series

The Netflix Six Marvel Cinematic Universe the shows are now available to stream on Disney+. These shows tell the stories of the four defenders of the MCU: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, as well as the Punisher. iron fist stars Finn Jones, of game of thrones fame, as the titular martial arts master for the two-season series.

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The Iron Fist character, also known as Danny Rand, has a long history in Marvel Comics. He and Luke Cage are part of a superhero team known as Heroes for Hire. Die-hard fans of these comic book characters will be thrilled to watch the show, which features these memorable references to comic book lore.

8 The world after the Battle of New York

MCU Netflix Shows Set In The Aftermath Of 2012 The Avengers. As a result, they are tied to the events of this film, particularly in their depiction of average New Yorkers recovering from the climactic Battle of New York. several moments in iron fist refer to the characters who defended Earth against Loki’s alien army.

At one point in the series, Danny’s fights go viral on the internet, resulting in someone yelling at him, “You’ve got more YouTube views than that amazing green dude!” It’s an obvious reference to the Hulk, who appeared in The Avengers. The Battle of New York is also subtly referenced by several characters as an unnamed “incident”.

seven The reputation of a private detective

The most frequent references in iron fist involve characters from Netflix’s other MCU shows. A reference alludes to the existence of Jessica Jones before her meeting with Danny Rand in the Defenders series. This occurs in Season 1 Episode 8, when Jessica Stroup’s Joy Meachum presents her findings on her fellow Rand Enterprises board members.

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Joy claims she discovered this dirt with the help of a private investigator, who was “worth every penny, when she was sober”. Although not clearly stated, it may be an allusion to Jessica Jones, who struggles with alcoholism due to her PTSD. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t even the most obvious reference to a defender in iron fist

6 Luke Cage’s catchphrase

The existence of Danny Rand’s future Heroes for Hire teammate is hinted at several times during the first season. The most obvious occurs when Claire Temple exclaims Cage’s catchphrase, “Sweet Christmas!” during a chase sequence with Danny. Temple is also key to another prominent Power Man reference in the series.

At one point, Danny finds himself in Claire Temple’s apartment recovering from an encounter with The Hand. Claire gives him a t-shirt, claiming “a friend of [hers] left here.” Since the shirt is filled with bullet holes, viewers may assume it belonged to Cage, especially when Claire alludes to the still-living friend.

5 The night nurse returns

Of course, the appearance of Claire Temple is an important Easter egg for fans of Netflix MCU shows. Portrayed by Rosario Dawson, the character is a composite of two comic book characters: Luke Cage’s love interest, Claire Temple, and Night Nurse, an injured superhero helper. However, her role in the shows is bigger than her comedic counterparts.

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Temple first appeared in the first season of daredevilthen appeared in all of Marvel’s Netflix series, including iron fist. She meets Danny through Colleen Wing, her love interest and companion for most of the series. Dawson acts as Stan Lee from the MCU Netflix, aside from a brief appearance by the comic book creator on a poster for the series.

4 A future daughter of the dragon

Jessica Henwick, another game of thrones former students, portrayed Colleen Wing in iron fist. In the show, she runs a martial arts dojo that helps Danny find The Hand. However, the character has much deeper roots in the comics, becoming one half of the crime-fighting duo known as the Daughters of the Dragon.

The other Dragon Maiden is Misty Knight, a character who appears in Luke Cage. While Wing and Knight work separately during their introductions, the two later meet and become allies in The defenders. Misty later appears as a full ally to Danny and Colleen in the second season of iron fist.

3 A vintage iron fist look

Episode 10 of iron fist features a long-awaited appearance from the classic superhero outfit. At the start of the episode, Danny confronts one of The Hand’s leaders, known as Bakuto. However, Bakuto offers Danny to join him in his plan to rid the world of evil corporations, showing him some grainy video footage from 1948.

In the footage, an older version of Iron Fist single-handedly defeats an army of Chinese soldiers. In this brief appearance, the Iron Fist wears a bandana that’s very reminiscent of his classic comic book outfit. For fans who want a clearer picture of Danny donning a similar outfit, they will unfortunately have to wait for Season 2.

2 The Modern Iron Fist Look

Season 2 of iron fist finally sees Danny donning the iconic Iron Fist bandana over his face. The look was first revealed in a trailer for the series that premiered at Comic-Con, depicting a fight between Danny and Davos. This fight, in the series, turns out to be a climactic battle between the two years before the events of the first season.

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Danny and Davos both don the mask for a ceremonial fight in K’un Lun, the town where Danny was raised after his plane crash. It was during this fight that Danny won the Iron Fist title, sparking Davos’ hatred of him throughout the series. Danny comes closest to this mask elsewhere through a face covering he wears when fighting crime.

1 A throwback to 80s comics

One Easter egg in particular may not be particularly aimed at Marvel fans, but it definitely ties into the series’ comic book origins. The scene takes place in the sixth episode of Season 1, when The Hand’s minion known as Scythe slaughters a room full of Yakuza members. Surrounded by corpses, Scythe sings on a peculiar 80s radio hit.

In a display of Scythian sociopathy, he dances and performs A-ha’s “Take On Me”. Famous, the clip of “Take On Me” features a woman who is transported to the world of a comic book. Not only is it a nice reference to iron fist‘s as a comic book adaptation, but it’s also a grim display of one of the show’s cruelest villains.

iron fist is available to stream on Disney+.

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