Dragon Age: 10 hidden Easter eggs found by Redditors

News of workers organizing demanding better wages and working conditions at Bioware left fans in shock. Dragon Age 4 development appears to be in jeopardy and unfortunately for gamers, this risks delaying the highly anticipated release date of the franchise’s fourth title.

Even though Tevinter has eager fans waiting to explore its new locations and stories, there are still many Guardians, Hawkes, and Inquisitors who discover Easter eggs hidden in the dragon age series. And luckily for the DA community, a lot of discoveries are being made by Redditors.

ten Kieran’s Gray Guardian Symbol

Kieran in Skyhold Garden in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

There are several possible endings in Dragon Age: Origins if the player decides to perform the black ritual. Of the many possibilities, King Alistair or the Hero of Ferelden may be the father of Morrigan’s son.

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This considered Coffee_fuel pointed out “one little thing that stood out in DAI was that Morrigan gave Kieran the symbol of a gray guardian to wear as a pendant. I realize he wears it no matter what. Considering the purpose of Kieran’s birth, this detail reveals the respect and sense of debt Morrigan has for the order and once his companions.

9 Morrigan talks about Kieran’s father

Morrigan tilting his head in Dragon Age Inquisition

However, Alistair and the Hero of Ferelden aren’t the only ones who can be Kieran’s father. Morrigan can also design it with Loghain Mac Tir. Depending on which character is Kieran’s father, the nature witch delivers different dialogues regarding that character.

CathanCrowell mentioned his love for the different approaches that Morrigan shows ‘With Loghain: “He doesn’t know anything. From you, from any of them. He’s an innocent. With Alistair: “He knows his father was a good man. I…thought you deserved so much. Dragon Age: Origins.

8 Sera and Friends of Red Jenny

Will be in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Sera was introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition as a new character in the series, but a Reddit user spotted some of his signature antics in the franchise’s first game. For most fans, it was surprising to know that she had been around ever since.

issythebee discovered there was a note from Red Jenny after fighting Zevran and commented “bring the little painted box to a cabin near Wonders of Thedas and put the little painted box in the door slot and you’ll hear a little child laughing with joy”. You find the box in Irving’s room during the Broken Circle mission in DA: Y and Sera remembers playing with it.

7 Hawke’s Multiple Love Interests

Male Hawke and Female Hawke from Dragon Age 2

According to Lyddibugshe decided to romance Anders, Isabela and Fenris at the same time in Dragon Age II, and take them as companions in one of the missions. She says “at one point (I think it was on the injured side?), they sparked a joke about how they all hit my character.”

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Most gamers will go for romantic monogamous gameplay, and while Bioware is known for considering every possibility a gamer might choose, that’s just another proof of the attention to detail the gamer has. dragon age series puts in its scripts.

6 Love interest outfits

Dialogs aren’t the only thing players can unlock depending on who they like dragon age. In the second game of the series, if Hawke begins a relationship with any of the characters, each of them will get a unique makeover.

“Merril has a whole new outfit” rattatouille commented, “Fenris and Isabela are getting more minor outfit changes […] and then there’s Anders whose outfit doesn’t change until Act 3.” Whether it’s a red bracelet, new armor, or nothing at all, each change is said to represent the amount of devotion the character has for Hawke.

5 Based on real places

Val Royeaux in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In addition to its myths, the territories and cultures of dragon age have their basis in reality. JayManClayton was one of the fans who recognized how the bards of Orlais “in the restaurant area sing all the songs in French (in the English version of the game)”.

Orlais is obviously influenced by French culture. The pronunciation of the name of the empire and the accent of its people follow French phonetics. Needless to say, the masks and couture showcased at Val Royeaux faithfully follow the aesthetics of the 15th-century masked balls held by the French royal courts.

4 Plant vs Zombies

A line of sunflowers and corpses in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Each player enjoys a random encounter with an Easter egg and a deleted A Reddit user discovered that “in Crestwood there is a farm where sunflowers are lined up and there are dead bodies around them.” which is a reference to Plant vs Zombies.

The landscape in Dragon Age: Inquisition places large sunflowers in front of several corpses, and as if the reference wasn’t clear enough, these are divided into aisles with wooden planks. Somewhere, a book explains that an apostate summoned spirits through plants to protect his home from an invasion of demons.

3 The Red Templar Ferryman

Carroll corrupted by Red Lyrium in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So much Dragon Age: Origins players remember, when the Guardian and companions attempt to cross Calenhad Lake to access the Circle Tower, there is a suspicious smuggler called Carroll who needs to be persuaded in order to begin the Broken Circle mission.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition user roadtoanna noted that there is a mission called A Puppet Master, in which you have to kill Carroll. Unfortunately, he was corrupted by red lyrium and after killing him, according to the same user, if Cullen is with the inquisitor, “he tells you something like ‘hurry up, for me. I knew this man”.

2 Darkspawn Ambush

Darkspawn in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Every darkspawn battle is tough, and that’s not necessarily because of each creature’s difficulty level, but because they attack in many groups. Strategy and skill are essential to success, and unfortunately for some, the absence of these traits is deadly.

When traveling between locations in Dragon Age: Origins there is an encounter where you find a dwarf, an elf and a human murdered by darkspawn. NerdJ found this scene and commented ‘On one you can loot a ring and a note that says “Why didn’t we take the eagles!”. Probably my favorite Easter egg I’ve found.

1 Cassandra’s Armor

Cassandra in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Cassandra is a very tough woman and a ruthless warrior in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but when it comes to literature and love, as the Inquisitor discovers in his mate quest, she is a hopeless romantic.

This isn’t just shown in her book interests, but as user Big_l mentioned “For higher tier armor, Cassandra’s armor has hearts engraved on the boots, shoulder pads, and gauntlets. ” It seems like the Chantry seeker isn’t so good at hiding her nerdy interests and guilty pleasures, but that’s the same reason so many fans love her.

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