Easter at the ballpark on Easter Sunday

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) — Easter Sunday is fast approaching in the Heartland, and a former ballpark is expected to host thousands of guests for an Easter service.

With the seats empty and being pressure washed on Friday afternoon, thousands are expected to attend Easter services at Rent One Park.

“We are extremely excited and honored about Easter at the ballpark,” said Tivo McCrary, executive pastor of Cornerstone Church.

McCrary tells me he’s looking forward to the community event.

“We want to be able to bless the community and provide a safe space for kids to experience Easter and who doesn’t like 25,000 eggs dropped from helicopters,” McCrary said.

Here is the schedule for the day:

8:30 a.m. – Open house for Rent One Park

9am – 25,000 eggs will be dropped from helicopters on the ground

11 a.m. – The Easter service begins

“It’s open to everyone, we invite the community to come out. The more people, the better. We want to show the community how much we love them and how much we believe in southern Illinois and this area,” McCrary said.

Dave Kost is the Rent One Stadium Events Director. He tells me that Pepsi has donated 4,000 bottles of water for the event and Krispy Kreme is providing 4,000 free donuts.

“The noise and the people coming in and getting ready to have a good time, it’s just exciting to have activity at the ballpark,” Kost said.

The last time an event like this took place at Rent One was 10 years ago. In April 2012, thousands of people gathered at Rent One for the Easter service.

Kost tells me that Corner Stone estimates there will be about 4,000 people this year.

“Make sure you get there early, I’ll make sure if you can make it it will be great in terms of parking and getting to the facility as it will get crowded in a very short time,” Kost said.

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Alicia R. Rucker