Easter Day 2022: Date, History, Meaning, Quotes and Wishes

This year, Easter is celebrated on April 17, 2022. Easter is marked as a day to celebrate all beautiful things related to Jesus Christ. The day falls on the third day after the crucifixion of Jesus. It is the feast of the Christian church which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It has been observed that the feast of Easter is marked since the 2n/a century. Jesus Christ was one of the major figures of Christianity who was crucified by Roman cavalry and died on Good Friday.

The day marks Jesus’ victory over death. Easter eggs are considered symbols of new life where on the outside they may look dead, but on the inside they are full of life.


The date of Easter is calculated on the basis of the lunisolar calendar. Therefore, the dates changed every year.

This year, the day is April 17, 2022.

Western nations observe Western and Eastern Christianity, called the Easter Octave and Bright Week, which falls one day after Easter Sunday.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Christians in the West and East celebrate Easter on Sunday.

There is a Julian calendar that is observed by the Eastern, which is the Eastern Orthodox Church.


According to the Holy Bible, the crucifixion took place around 30 AD. It is believed that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and buried in a tomb. After his disappearance, followers and followers visited his grave on the third day. But they found the tomb empty. Later they come to the conclusion of Christ’s triumph over death and call him the “Son of God”.


The day plays an important role for the Christian community, considering it a “holy week”. Holy Week includes the Easter Triduum, also known as Easter Triduum, Easter Triduum, Holy Triduum, or the Three Days in Western Christianity.


The day is celebrated with special religious services at night with a candlelight procession, soft and melodious music with the ringing of the church bell.

The festival is considered the greatest celebration of the liturgical year.

This day is believed to be a day of happiness that shares the message of Jesus Christ overcoming death.

The symbols of this day are Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, as the traditions relate to pre-Christian pagan culture.

People make Easter eggs made of chocolate wrapped in colored foil that are enjoyed by people of all ages.


The spirit of Easter is synonymous with peace, love, happiness and joie de vivre. Happy Easter!

This year, may the Easter basket be filled with care, happiness and kindness. I wish you a wonderful Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you are surrounded by sunshine, flowers, chocolate and family on this happy day.

Here is an Easter spent remembering what the holiday is really about: peace, forgiveness and the gift of Jesus.

Pray that you will feel the love of Christ throughout this Easter day and beyond.

Alicia R. Rucker