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ST. GEORGE- Though seemingly simple, it turns out the new Utah Tech University fame logos may spark an “Easter egg” hunt.

Image shows ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in new Utah Tech logo | Photo courtesy of Utah Tech University, St. George News | Click to enlarge

Corporate, sports and college logos are known to be filled with hidden messages or “easter eggs” like the arrow inside the FedEx logo, the “31” in the Baskin Robbins logo, or the “M” on the horse’s forehead in the Dallas Mavericks logo.

The new logos were unveiled last month as part of the renaming of campus from Dixie State to Utah Tech which becomes official on July 1.

According to Jyl Hall, spokesperson for the university, the new logo was designed by Dallas-based Torch Creative, which actually consists of two designers – Michael Thurman and Brad Furman.

The two created several other logos that might be familiar to both academics and sports fans, including the logo for the NHL’s Stanley Cup and college football’s Cotton Bowl, as well as logos for BYU and the University. from Utah.

Other logos, including those for the NHL, BYU and the University of Utah, created by the same Torch Creative team that also created the new logos for Utah Tech University | Photos courtesy of Torch Creative, St. George News

Thurman declined to comment when contacted by St. George News, deferring to the designers’ obligation to the university and letting the logo speak for itself.

And speak it, including some images that have multiple meanings. These hidden meanings may not be obvious unless you look closely.

It begins with the crooked angles at the top left of the U, the E and the two Hs. Look closely enough and the number one appears. It is one of the hidden Easter eggs that has a double meaning, according to the university. The “1” denotes both the school’s “responsibility to lead” as well as moving its athletic program to NCAA Division 1. in 2020.

Inside the “U” there is something even less apparent to the untrained eye. But color in the blank space and the outlines of the state of Utah reveal themselves.

For fans of the movie “This is Spinal Tap,” the connection between the U and the T might seem like a shrunken piece of Stonehenge. But it actually equates to 3.14, or the pi symbol to honor the polytechnic aspect of the school’s name change.

Photo illustration showing the part of the new Utah Tech logo that has the outline of the state of Utah colored with the colors of the desert | Logo images courtesy of Utah Tech University, additional coloring of Utah outline by St. George News

The other double meaning of the new logo is in the separation of two colors between red at the bottom and blue at the top, separated by a straight white line.

The school says the red symbolizes the red rocks and blue skies of southern Utah. It also means a separation between warmer southern Utah and colder northern Utah.

The line between the two typographies and the climates is meant to represent the “many horizons” of the southern Utah landscape.

The university is changing signage and letterheads across campus and should all be in place when classes resume in late August.

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Alicia R. Rucker