Easter Eggs Only Comic Book Readers Noticed

Netflix Season 3 The Umbrella Academy premiered in June 2022 to much critical acclaim. The superhero series that deftly weaves family drama with end-of-universe stakes is once again a refreshing twist on an overcrowded genre. There’s a lot to love about the seven members of the Umbrella Academy and their Sparrow Academy counterparts make perfect foils.

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As with most superhero content these days, The Umbrella Academy started out as a comic book series. While the general arcs of each season more or less adhere to the comic book story, the writers still like to hide references to source material in the background of their show. Here are some of the many comedic Easter eggs that casual viewers may have overlooked in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

9 Mr. Pennycrumb finally appears

Fans have wondered for years if and when Mr. Pennycrumb would make an appearance on the Netflix series. In the comics, this adorable dog followed the time-traveling Five into the post-apocalyptic world he became trapped in after his time teleport attempt went awry.

In Season 3, the receptionist at the Obsidian Hotel has a pet dog and that dog is Mr. Pennycrumb. While his role in the series isn’t as relevant as it is in the comics (Mr. Pennycrumb is sadly the first victim claimed by the Kugelblitz), it’s still great to see him enjoy his moment to shine in live-action. adaptation.

8 Diego’s missing eye

Diego is probably the character that has undergone the biggest visual change between the comics and the Netflix series. On the one hand, he is no longer blond. He also doesn’t wear a shirt with a skull on it and he also has his two eyes. Conversely, one of the comic Diego’s defining characteristics was his missing right eye. Season 3 pays homage to this character design a few times over its ten episodes.

First, when Viktor flips through a history book upon returning to the present, he finds a paragraph about the Kennedy Six, a reference to the Umbrella Academy’s hand to ensure that JFK was assassinated in the 60s so they save the world. . Next to this item is a picture of Diego, and he is wearing an eye patch. Later, in Episode 6, when Diego’s surrogate son Stan is vaporized by the Kugelblitz, he drops a slushie on the floor and the mug features a drawing of comic Diego, with a missing right eye.

seven Jennifer’s non-incident?

In Episode 7, Viktor moved back to his old room at Umbrella/Sparrow Academy, only in this timeline, it’s actually Ben’s room. There are nearly a dozen sketches of a woman named Jennifer. In the comics and in the series, the original Ben, who grew up as a member of the Umbrella Academy, is often said to have died during something called “The Jennifer Incident”.

The events of Ben’s death are never further explained in either media. In this new timeline, Ben is still alive, which means whatever the incident, it didn’t happen to this version of him. However, these drawings suggest that the relationship between Ben and Jennifer goes far beyond just the cause of his death.

6 The mothers of agony

When Five encounters a future version of himself at the destroyed Commission headquarters after traveling to a post-Kugelblitz future, he notices an unusual tattoo on his future self’s chest. When Future-Five dies, his younger counterpart decides he’s going to take this tattooed piece of skin for himself. He later shows it to his brother Klaus, who identifies the tattoo as the work of a biker gang called the Mothers of Agony.

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In the comics, Klaus and the Mothers of Agony have a much more complicated relationship. Specifically, they flood Klaus with psychedelic drugs, and in exchange, Klaus uses his powers to provide the gang with psychic boons. The fact that Klaus’ live action recognizes the gang’s tattoo suggests that he may have already experienced this part of his life, though the show never specifically addresses it.

Another visual nod to the comics, in Season 2 of the show, Klaus levitates off the ground with the help of Ben’s ghost to help win over his would-be wealthy cult members. Moving on to Season 3, Klaus wanders the halls of the Obsidian Hotel all the time without shoes.

In the comics, Klaus’ power of levitation does not depend on the help of his deceased brother’s ghost. This is just one of Klaus’ many abilities. As such, comic Klaus doesn’t really need shoes and forgoes wearing them. This costume choice made in the Netflix series is a subtle nod to Klaus’ comic book counterpart.

4 The Elevator

In the comics, one of Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ greatest inventions is the Televator. Essentially, it’s an elevator that can teleport those inside from one location to another (Teleporter + Elevator = Televator). Umbrella Academy Season 3 actually features two references to the Televator.

First, there’s a poster advertising the Televator in the basement of Sparrow Academy. The second reference (much more significant) occurs at the very end of the season. When the team manages to escape from Hotel Oblivion, they appear in a courtyard after exiting an elevator. One of the Televator’s uses in the comics is to travel to and from Hotel Oblivion, and the events of the finale suggest it exists in the live-action universe as well.

3 The Cockroach Infestation at the Oblivion Hotel

Whenever a member of the Umbrella Academy ends up going to Hotel Oblivion, they inevitably encounter cockroaches. Lila crushes one under her boot, but several more appear throughout the season. At the end, it is revealed that cockroaches are among the Guardians: giant beings that prowl the halls of Hotel Oblivion preventing intruders from accessing its secrets.

In the comic version of Hotel Oblivion, the cockroaches play a very different role. The hotel in the comics is actually a prison built to house super-villains. One of them, known as Dr. Terminal, eats cockroaches. Not necessarily by choice, his condition forces him to consume live food, and cockroaches are the most prevalent life form in this hotel.

2 Comic-accurate hairstyles

While there are many visual differences between the comic versions of the Umbrella Academy members and those that appear in the Netflix series, a few of the live-action characters have undergone visual changes that bring them much closer to their graphic novel counterparts. . Most notably, Alison and Viktor have changed their hairstyles in the new season.

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Although Alison’s hair is not light purple, it has been cropped to the shoulders, like her depiction in the comics. Meanwhile, Viktor’s transition on the show has resulted in a change in hairstyle. Viktor’s current appearance is much more in line with The White Violin’s appearance in the comics.

1 Sloane’s choice of reading material

When Sloane’s character is introduced as a member of Sparrow Academy, she is seen reading a book when the Umbrella Academy unexpectedly appears in her house. His book choice is a nod to the comic’s original creator.

Specifically, Sloane is reading a book called “The Jetset Life”. The creator of the Umbrella Academy comics, Gerard Way was once the frontman of the band My Chemical Romance, which released a song called “The Jetset Way Is Gonna Kill You.” It could also be foreshadowing, as it’s unclear if Sloane survived the events of the season, but it’s still a fun nod to the original story creators anyway.

The Umbrella AcademySeason 3 premiered on Netflix on June 22, 2022.

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