Easter eggs Only diehard fans caught in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a celebration of all things star wars, Lego, and other entertainment media. The game is fully ripe with Easter eggs and references to other franchises. Some obscure, some obvious, but at least one so everyone understands.

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The game features a slew of hilarious scenes, with Easter eggs being both fun and scary. There are lots of fun references in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with more being found every day.


ten Qui-Gon Jinn’s Particular Skill Set

When Qui-Gon is near a force-sensitive object for a puzzle or quest, he may sometimes speak the phrase “I have a particular set of skills that will come in handy here.” Fans might recognize this line as a reference to a movie titled Taken.

Both star warsQui-Gon Jinn and Takenit is Bryan Mills are played by Liam Neesonwhich has the iconic quote “What I have is a very particular set of skills; skills that I have acquired over a very long career.“Traveller’s Tales devotes a lot of jokes and gags to The Skywalker Saga with amusing references.

9 Indiana Jones Fedora Cameo

In the first mission of episode 4: A new hope, when players reach the part where they can take two paths, they must take the left path. This path allows players to build a water gun to put out the fire blocking the path. As you travel along the now fireless path, you can activate a terminal that sends Stormtroopers flying out of the airlock, complete with an iconic brown marker “blink and you’ll miss it”.

This fedora is undoubtedly the iconic hat of archaeologist and professor Indiana Jones. Lucasfilm has a long history with IndianaJones, as there is another franchise under their belt. Not only that, but it is played by star wars‘ Han Solo Himself: Harrison Ford.

8 Fun character interactions

When pairing unique characters, they can sometimes have voice lines that directly reference the characters and what they are known for. This is a fun easter egg and encourages players to pair up random characters to see if they’ll have a conversation and include references for die-hard fans.

Instances like this cause every Sith apprentice of Palpatine to become frustrated with him as he continually asks them if they’ve ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise. Or team up more iconic rivals like Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous to recreate the iconic “Hello There!” double.

7 The Return of the Hot Tub Stormtroopers

One of the most iconic characters from the original Lego Star Wars titles was that of Stormtroopers relaxing in a hot tub. They could be found on a few levels, just enjoying hanging out with their Imperial pals and soaking in the tub.

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Now that the last Lego Star Wars game is out, we can happily confirm that the Hot Tub Bros are back, and more HD than ever. Best of all, they aren’t hostile unless provoked, so don’t attack these cool guys.

6 Classic LEGO Star Wars Box Arts

the old Lego Star Wars the games are iconic for many reasons, and fans of the old games would immediately recognize the games box cover. Good to see Traveller’s Tales proud of its past.

In the first mission of Episode 4: A New Hope, players can explore the level and find a familiar sight. A box with the cover of Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy. On Naboo by Paonga Lake, you can also find original box art for Lego Star Wars. Finally, you can find the cover of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens deep in the castle of Maz.

5 R2-KT, the droid with a heart of gold

Upon arriving in Takodana, players can find a pink plated R2 unit near Maz Kanata Castle. To some, R2-KT is just a cute, pink Astro-mech in a game brimming with Lego characters, but the story behind this R2 unit is much sweeter than it looks.

R2-KT was built by the R2 Builders as a gift for a young girl named Katie. The droid was her companion as she battled brain cancer. The droid appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Warsand Star Wars: The Force Awakensand partners with charities to make a difference, and can be located on this website.

4 Accurate LEGO model numbers on characters

A fun detail and a great Easter egg for Lego fans is that some characters have the real life model number in the game. All the characters have the Lego mark somewhere on them, mostly under their foot.

Some characters like the Battle Droid B1 have the model number on their arms, and this is present in the game. It’s great attention to detail and shows how much Traveler’s Tales cares about the Lego and star wars brands.

3 Secret text on boss fight titles

In case you don’t know, the language in star wars is different from ours. Although the characters speak our language, they write completely differently. Star Wars has its unique writing system known as Aurebesh and is used to transcribe Galactic Base Standardwhich are the words we hear.

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In The Skywalker Saga, each boss fight spawns a boss’s title card, with what would at first glance seem like gibberish under the title. This is Aurebesh and can be translated. For example, Darth Maul’s boss fight, Aurebesh, translates to “Red guy, bad attitude.” There are plenty of bosses with funny gags in their subtitles, like Darth Vader’s rivalry with sand!

2 The Witcher’s Cockroach Problem

On the planet Kef Biryou will come across a stressed Guardian of Orbak, which asks you to help find the missing animals that have escaped from the enclosure. The mission is titled Untitled Orbak Gamewhich is in itself a reference to Untitled Game of Goosebut that’s not the best part.

During this mission, you’ll find an Orbak happily standing on the straw roof of a structure, just like the iconic glitch from The Witcher 3, in which Geralt of Rivia’s faithful companion, his horse, Roach, sometimes appeared. and was getting stuck on a roof.

1 Obi-Wan Kenobi learns from Spider-Man

Once players have completed Episode One and Episode Two, they can progress to Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith. Once they reach the mission titled “So uncivilized”, they can fight General Grievousand enjoy a fun cutscene at the end, even though Command 66 and fun do not belong to the same sentence.

This cutscene has Commander Cody and the 212 clone battalion hunt General Kenobi after the start of Order 66. A shot in the cutscene directly references an iconic shot from by Sam Raimi first wonder film Spider Manin which Peter Parker hides outside his bedroom wall with a suspect Norman Osborne looking around.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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