Easter Eggs Only MCU Fans Noticed In Ms. Marvel’s First Episode

The first episode of Marvel’s new Disney+ show, Ms. Marvel, was created. The series stars Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, a teenage Avengers fanatic who discovers she has her own superpowers. Due to his love of superheroes in the MCU, there are plenty of Easter eggs involving heroes from past movies.

From references to Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers to AvengerCon’s plethora of Avengers merchandise, a few Easter eggs in Ms. MarvelThe first episode of Blink-and-you-ll-miss-it. Others, however, hint at the future of the series while placing it within the existing MCU. These are a few that viewers may have missed on their first watch.


ten Kamala’s Avengers: Endgame Recap

The episode’s opening sequence shows a lot of Kamala’s dedication to her Avengers fandom. She runs a YouTube channel, creating videos about the history of Marvel’s greatest heroes, including Captain Marvel. In the last of her ten-part series, she recaps the Battle for Earth at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Before the series was released, many MCU fans wondered how an ordinary civilian like Kamala would know about the events of End of Game. However, this is easily explained by Kamala mentioning her research on Scott Lang’s podcast series. Let Ant-Man excitedly tell everyone about his first stint as a true Avenger.

9 A figure from New Jersey’s past

This opening sequence contains another subtle easter egg that only comic book fans may have caught. As part of Kamala’s Sloth Baby video, a drawing of a bird surrounded by question marks appears briefly. This bird looks awfully like the cockatiel owned by a scientist in the comics named Gregory Knox.

Knox appeared as a villain in Kamala’s debut in the comics. The famed scientist cloned inventor Thomas Edison, accidentally merging him with his cockatiel to form “The Inventor.” Given that Ms. Marvel is set in Jersey City, it’s possible that the villain of this series is one of the greatest historical figures in the US state.

8 A plaque for the origins of Kamala

An early sequence in the episode shows Kamala arriving at Coles Academic High School, which retains its name from the comics. Eagle-eyed fans will spot a plaque on the front of the school commemorating the school’s founders. Notably, several of these founders share their names with Kamala comic creators.

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G. Willow Wilson is one such name, which refers to the author of Ms. Marvel Volume 3 of 2014, where Kamala first appeared. This name also refers to Kamala’s teacher, the affable Gabe Wilson. Kamala has a scene with Mr. Wilson early in the episode, where he questions his lack of focus and direction in life.

seven Captain Marvel’s alternate looks

Another scene from the first episode shows Kamala and her best friend, Bruno Carrelli, riding their bikes home. Along the way, they discuss Kamala’s planned costume for the upcoming AvengerCon. She will enter a Captain Marvel cosplay contest, but she is still missing the piece of her outfit that makes her unique.

Visuals appear on the buildings around Kamala and Bruno as they discuss possible changes to her Captain Marvel costume. Bruno suggests a cross between Captain Marvel and Black Panther, while Kamala is tempted by a cross between Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange. They also scoff at the idea of ​​a Zombie Captain Marvel.

6 Easter Eggs Galore at AvengerCon

Nothing makes MCU fans more jealous than the views of AvengerCon. This exhibition is followed by Kamala and Bruno, and presents more references to the avengers films that fans can count on two hands. There are shirts referencing the “America’s ass” joke from End of Gameand even Drax and Hulk lookalikes signing autographs for fans.

The footage also features a few officials The ant Man merch, including replicas of his helmet and action figures. Some cast members from the show have even made background appearances as cosplayers, dressing up as Iron Man, Hulk, or Captain Marvel. There is also an offer to visit New Asgard, a location introduced in End of Game.

5 Captain Marvel Cosplay Looks

The centerpiece of AvengerCon is a Captain Marvel cosplay contest, which Kamala is eager to win. Unfortunately, her hopes are dashed when she sees her classmate, Zoe, also in Captain Marvel attire. However, Zoe’s look seems more reminiscent of Carol Danvers’ old comic look as Ms. Marvel.

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This outfit isn’t the only easter egg in this cosplay contest scene. The convention host is played by Ryan Penagos, vice president and chief creative officer of Marvel New Media. This subset of Marvel Entertainment develops the company’s official websites, as well as podcasts and video series centered around Marvel content.

4 A tribute to fallen heroes

The most notable Easter egg for Marvel fans throughout the AvengerCon streak is a mural painted with images of Iron Man and Black Widow. With the text below reading “Thank you for your sacrifice”, it is a beautiful tribute to the heroism of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Endgame.

It’s especially poignant, because it’s the only official homage we’ve seen to Romanoff in the MCU, aside from Spider-Man: Far From Homefrom the opening sequence In Memoriam. Tributes to Tony, however, were commonplace in this film. There was even a scene identical to this where Peter Parker is confronted by a painted mural of Iron Man.

3 Kamala keeps her powers expandable

One of the biggest concerns for hardcore comic book fans was integrating Kamala Khan’s powers into the live action. Her debut finds her gaining her powers through the Terrigen Mist, giving her the ability to stretch like Mr. Fantastic. It makes sense that the MCU would want to steer clear of it before introducing its own Fantastic Four.

The first episode of Ms. Marvel finds Kamala obtaining her powers in a very different way. She steals a glove from her attic to accentuate her Captain Marvel cosplay, only to find that wearing it imbues her with cosmic powers. He still captures the stretch of his comic book powers, but in a more Green Lantern style of projection.

2 A suspicious moving truck in the credits

The episode’s end credits sequence borrows heavily from the art style of Kamala’s single-player comic book series. Fans shouldn’t ignore this too quickly, however, as they’ll be missing an important clue to Kamala’s storyline going forward. In one section, a moving van labeled “Trust a Bro” can be spotted driving through an intersection in Jersey City.

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MCU will recognize this brand of movers as a front for the Tracksuit Mafia. They figured a lot in Hawk Eye, because this crime syndicate was led by Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. It could also mean that Ms. Marvel may be linked to a Netflix Marvel series like daredevil Where Jessica Jonesalthough how this would happen is uncertain.

1 Agent Cleary Returns

don’t spin Ms. Marvel before the credits, as viewers may miss an important mid-credits scene. Following Kamala’s display of powers at AvengerCon, a video went viral chronicling the events. In the scene, this video is brought to the attention of Agent Cleary, who is returning from Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Cleary’s appearance in No coming home was brief but significant. He is an agent from the Department of Damage Control, who questioned Peter’s family and friends about Spider-Man’s illegal vigilantism. It’s unclear what Cleary will be good for against Kamala Khan, but it could spell trouble for her and her family.

Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney+.

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