Easter eggs you didn’t notice in The Sims 4

The Sims, as a series, has never been shy about referencing media of all kinds. You don’t even have to start playing the simulation portion of the base game to notice a reference or two; the Roomies family is a riff on New Girl, and the classic gothic family has echoes of the Addams family. The Sims development team is open about their creative appreciation for other media, and spotting Easter eggs in your sim’s quarters can become a game within a game.

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There are many references to games in The Sims 4; some are impossible to ignore, while others are hidden in descriptions, requiring at least some prior knowledge to detect. The research is what makes it fun, though it’s hard to miss how much the Sims 4 team seem to really love Mass Effect, in particular.


ten Capture all Void Creatures (Pokemon)

Just like in real life, kid-aged sims love funky little creatures with elemental powers, and they love catching them all. Sound familiar?

Void Creatures are clear analogues of Pokemon, with trading cards – and if you’ve got the Parenthood game pack, schoolyard arguments over which of the creatures is more powerful. Collecting them all is a fun activity for both child and adult sims.

9 “Density Effect” (Mass Effect)

It doesn’t have a dialogue wheel, but watching your sims play out this clear homage to Mass Effect can be downright nostalgic. Density Effect lives up to its namesake, with a small blue card in the corner, shooting mechanics, and a glimpse of a dialogue between the player character and an alien being.

Plus, watching your sim take on what look like renegade options can be hilarious, especially if you’re one of those people who feels eternally unable to choose the “evil” options in games. Don’t worry, your Sims can do it for you!

8 Sovereign, but a lamp (Mass Effect)

The description for this item says it all: possibly a malevolent jellyfish. The Sovereign is another homage to Mass Effect and its terrifying alien force, the Reapers. Specifically to the first Reaper you encounter, Sovereign, who you encounter in Virmire in Mass Effect 1. Although the Reapers aren’t, in fact, shaped like jellyfish, the inclusion of the word “jellyfish” will certainly give fans pause. longtime Mass Effect commentator on one of the series’ most iconic lines: “You big stupid jellyfish.”

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It’s not the first Mass Effect reference you can find in The Sims 4, but it’s the sleekest, plus a great centerpiece for a coffee table. And a great reminder that you really should play Mass Effect again.

seven Blicbloc The Thief of Time (Tetris)

Everyone loves Tetris. It’s the perfect game to waste a few minutes or hours just by dropping blocks and watching the numbers soar. Your sims feel the same way, although their version of the eponymous game is called “Blicbloc”, and they even have a very stressful VR version.

Either way, it’s one of the few games your sim can play before they improve their gaming skills, so you’ll probably see lots of little blocks falling on your sim’s computer screens. Prepare to see them ignore your directives and all their responsibilities in favor of Blicbloc.

6 Decor should be simple and clean (Kingdom Hearts)

There’s no way to read the words “simple and clean” without thinking of Kingdom Hearts. The painting is exactly as advertised, simple pictures in lovely soft colors. If not for the title referencing one of the best songs in video game history, you can skip it altogether.

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But that would be a mistake because it’s the description that ties it all together. There’s something delightful about The Sims having a little fun as the notoriously convoluted plot of the Disney/Square Enix crossover series, especially since The Sims isn’t entirely devoid of its own lore and weird and complicated timelines.

5 Road Rival Alpha (Fighting Games)

Unlike most of the other references The Sims 4 deals with, this one is closer to a love letter to the fighting game genre than a specific title or series. Once your sim reaches level nine in the video game skill, they will have the option to play Road Rival Alpha, a fighting game.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch your sims perform extremely difficult combos since all sims play games with the same amount of enthusiastic hustle.

4 Possible Sith Lord Revanne (Knights of the Old Republic)

Even without including the Journey to Batuu game pack, you can find plenty of Star Wars references in The Sims 4. Outfits, hairstyles, accessories, makeup, you can make your sim look like it just stepped out of a galaxy far, far away. far. But there is Revanne. It’s a more subtle reference by comparison, as it’s just a poster of a mysterious figure in the game’s lore.

While there’s no way to know if a BioWare version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic exists in The Sims universe, Revanne is a bit too close to Revan to assume the answer is no. Especially considering that the poster description reflects key aspects of Revan’s character.

3 Sim RPG Entertainment The REFUGE (Dragon Age)

While we don’t see much of this particular game, as soon as your sim boots it up on their computer, it displays character creation that echoes Dragon Age: Origins. Of course, that’s no surprise, given that Dragon Age and The Sims are both beloved EA franchises, and each has a huge following of dedicated fans.

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Still, the idea of ​​your sim getting lost in an RPG world where, ideally, a Morrigan-like character is romantic to any player is really fun. The Sims is a place where dreams can come true, after all.

2 Sans, Bejeweled (Undertale)

Although it may take some time, turning your sims into archaeologists can be quite fun. They wander through lush jungle and visit ancient temples where, on occasion, skeletons may come to life. Although they may seem scary, they are honestly quite pleasant and talkative.

One of these skeletons can be named Sans. Like, Sans from Undertale. The skeleton wearing a hoodie speaks in two distinct languages: awful puns and comic sans. Although, unfortunately, sim-Sans doesn’t make skeleton jokes (although they can play xylophones on their rib cages), it’s still a great nod to the popularity of Toby Fox’s mega-hit in 2015.

1 Urban planning simulated in your simulation (SimCity)

The Sims haven’t been shy about referencing themselves either. SimScuffle appears to be an urban planning game, a la Sim City. At least the short clip you can see your sims playing gives that impression. While sadly you won’t see your sim do proper city planning, they don’t zone land or micromanage public transportation. Instead, they’ll click buttons furiously when meteors fall on their town.

Who hasn’t played Sim City just to bring terror to a poor, unsuspecting town via aliens or giant robots, or, if you’re boring and realistic, a surprising volcano? Sims, they are like us!

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Alicia R. Rucker