Easter eggs you missed in the original Super Mario Bros. movie.

Confusedly, the rightful ruler of Dinohattan is King Bowser (Lance Henrikson), a fair and reasonable monarch who was transformed into a giant sentient mushroom by King Koopa. It seems very strange to name one of the heroes of the film after the usual antagonist of the series, but this decision would have been made during a series of extensive script rewrites on set. In the early stages of production, the King had a number of different names, and Bowser is only confirmed by the novelization and script of the film; his name is never mentioned on the screen.

By the end of the film, however, he returns to his normal human form, allowing him to reclaim his throne and restore Dinohattan to its former glory. This is another reference to “Super Mario Bros. 3” In this game, players move from country to country in a sprawling kingdom defeating a series of Koopalings, each of which is revealed to be a king transformed by Bowser.

Once the Koopalings are defeated, the Kings return to their human form and take their rightful place on the throne, just like King Bowser does in the movie. In fact, the monsters that end up transforming into humans appear a lot in this franchise, as even the previous Mario animated film featured a similar scene in its conclusion.

Alicia R. Rucker