Encanto: 10 Disney Easter Eggs Everyone Missed

Disney’s most recent movie, Encanto, has grown in popularity since its November 2021 release. Disney fans have loved its catchy songs, flawless choreography, and strong themes around family and self-importance. Since this is Disney’s 60th film, there’s a lot to celebrate Encanto.

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Easter eggs are featured in many animated productions, some notable being A113 or the planet pizza truck in the Pixar films. When it comes to Disney, they tend to reference past movies in their new ones. Encanto wasn’t left out when it came to including such Easter Eggs, though sometimes these are easily missed if viewers don’t look closely enough.

ten Frozen is referenced in all of you

This easter egg was easier to spot because it was very direct and even included the well-known melody of the very popular song “Let It Go” by Frozen. In the song “All Of You”, the Madrigals find Bruno, who disappeared without a word for ten years. In the part where he apologizes to each family member, he tells his sister Pepa to “let it in, let it out, let it rain, let it snow, let it go”, which refers to his power to control the time with her. emotions. This little Easter egg fits well in context and is a clever way to reference another Disney character who can control natural phenomena.

9 Hercules is referenced in surface pressure

Cerberus Reference in Surface Pressure

The song “Surface Pressure” includes many references, but a notable one relates to being the Titanic; although in this case it is in reference to a certain Greek god that stands out. In this song, Luisa sings to Mirabel of the pressure she feels carrying the weight of the family’s well-being, and although she doesn’t show it, it’s an incredibly heavy burden that is slowly becoming too much to handle. .

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She mentions “beneath the surface, did Hercules ever say ‘yo, I don’t wanna fight Cerberus’?” referencing the 1997 film, Herculesand showing Luisa preparing to fight the three-headed beast to protect Mirabel.

8 hidden mickey mouse

Encanto - Mickey Mouse Head in Lights

Mickey Mouse is Disney’s widely recognizable mascot, and in Encanto, Mickey makes not one but two appearances. The first was during the song “Waiting On A Miracle”, where Mirabel expresses her desire to have a gift like everyone else in her family. There’s a scene where she dances around each member of her family, and when she walks past her parents, there’s a split second where the light features form a shape that looks a lot like Mickey’s face. It is also assumed that Isabela’s cactus has the same shape.

seven Donkeys refer to reindeer in Frozen 2

Encanto - Luisa dances with donkeys

Another Easter egg found in “Surface Pressure” has convinced fans that the dancing donkeys are a reference to the singing reindeer featured in the Frozen 2 song “Lost in the Woods”. The two characters, Lusia and Kristoff, are heavily referenced with particular animals in both films. As for their solo songs, the two include a scene where each character is put in the spotlight as their animal sidekicks add a comedic touch to the scenes.

6 Familiar-looking doors presented in surface pressure

Encanto - line of surface pressure doors

“Surface Pressure” isn’t done with the references, as there’s another scene that includes Luisa in front of a row of doors that creates a domino effect. As she holds a door that looks like hers, a line of other doors are destroyed by an oncoming tornado. These doors each feature colorful patterns that seem to be a reference to Monsters Inc., where each door was distinctly different in color and pattern since they all belonged to children. Even the frame around each door mimics the overhead doors seen in Monsters Inc..

5 Wall E plant boot makes an appearance

Encanto - Mirabel and Bruno in Bruno's hideout

Most Easter eggs are small details in the background of scenes that are easy to miss. In this case, during the scene where Mirabel finds out that Bruno has been living within the walls all this time, Antonio overhears the two and reveals that he knows what’s going on, and in the background is a plant in a truss.

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This is an easter egg that references the movie Wall-E. When Wall-E finds a newly flowering plant, he puts it in an old boot for safekeeping.

4 The Family Madrigal sequence is inspired by that of Belle

Encanto - Mirabel with the children of the village

The first scene of Encanto is very memorable as a lot of important family points are told in a catchy musical number. It starts with kids asking Mirabel questions about family, which gives her the perfect chance to sing about them. What many viewers might have missed is the fact that this entire sequence is inspired by the one shown in The beauty and the Beast “Beautiful.” In this song, Belle strolls through the village singing about the daily life of all those who live there. Likewise, Mirabel sings about each member of her family, as well as their gifts, while viewers can learn more about the town.

3 Camilo welcomes a young coco mother

Encanto - Camilo greets and transforms into a young coco mom

The night Antonio receives his own gift, the Madrigals open Casita for all the townspeople to come and celebrate with them. As each guest arrives, Camilo uses his shapeshifting abilities to greet each. Among all the people we see, there is one who seems a little familiar to us. It looked like Camilo was actually hailing Mama Coco from the movie Coco. This character has the same braided hair, similar facial features, and a similar style dress to Mama Coco, so it’s very possible that this is a fun little Easter egg from Mama Coco in her youth.

2 Isabela’s vines are inspired by Rapunzel’s hair

Encanto - Isabela poster and swaying vines

Isabela’s gift gives her the power to grow various flowers and plants. Although her specialty is roses, she has been seen many times using vines to move easily from place to place, as well as to reach higher points.

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Her swinging technique is best shown during her song, “What Else Can I Do” where she swings long distances. This is where the Easter egg speculation comes from; her swinging is very similar to the way Rapunzel from Tangled used her long hair to do various tasks around her tower.

1 The toucan voice actor

Encanto - the Toucan greets Antonio

When Antonio receives his ability to speak with animals, he is immediately greeted by a Toucan, which begins to chirp and communicate with him. What many people may have missed is how this Toucan is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who has voiced countless Disney characters – especially animal sidekicks such as Heihei from MoanaIago from the live adaptation of Aladdinand Tuktuk from Raya and the last dragon. Few fans are interested in this Easter egg, as Tudyk’s tendency to voice Disney animals isn’t very obvious at first.

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