Good Friday, Easter Sunday or Monday?

Easter is an exciting time and children across the country are counting down the days until the day it will be allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast.

Another part of Easter that is popular around the world is the Easter egg hunt. The concept is simple: someone hides little chocolate eggs in the house and everyone goes looking for them.

Here’s everything you need to know about hosting an Easter egg hunt and how you can make it even more exciting for your household this year…

What day should you hunt for Easter eggs?

There is no fixed day for Easter egg hunts, it’s really up to you when to organize yours. Most people tend to hold Easter egg hunts for Easter Sunday, but for others Sunday is a religious day. If so, you can do your egg hunt the day before or the day after.

Check out some of our ideas below to make this year’s egg hunt the most awesome yet…

Children having fun on an Easter egg hunt showing their eggs and carrying Easter baskets.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas You Should Try This Year


If you have older kids or are having an Easter egg hunt with friends, why not spice things up a bit and turn your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt with clues?

Instead of everyone running around aimlessly, players will have to solve a clue to find where the eggs are and the next clue! Everyone can work together to collect chocolate eggs until they reach the end of all the clues.

Easter egg relay race

It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the Easter egg hunt. Divide the players into teams and have one person from each team race to find the first eggs. When they come back with an egg, the next person on each team gets their turn, and so on.


It adds another level to your Easter egg hunt and is a fun way to keep toddlers engaged. With each egg you can put a small challenge that must be completed before they can take the egg. Challenges could include: doing ten star jumps, jumping across the room like a bunny, inventing your own dance move.

Chocolate Alternatives Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to organize an Easter egg hunt but decide that chocolate won’t work for some reason, there are plenty of alternatives.

You can fill plastic eggs with fun collectible rewards for your kids. Ideas would be: ten extra minutes of TV time, movie night, skipping chores for a day, inviting a friend over, choosing dinner tonight.

Another idea is to fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces. When all the pieces are collected, they can put the puzzle together and redeem it for a prize.

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Alicia R. Rucker