Halo Infinite Easter Eggs: Top Secrets of the Halo Infinite Campaign

Zeta Halo is a great place. It’s a sprawling forest in the Pacific Northwest, but with more hexagons and more angry aliens trying to kill you than you might find in present-day Washington, where the developers of Halo Bungie and 343 Industries are both located. In the few original Halo games, Bungie has always taken the time to pull out a few large Easter Eggs, like the Thirsty Grunt and the I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull. It’s fitting that Halo Infinite continues and (embiggens) this tradition by spreading skulls and all kinds of secrets and references across the open world.

Below I have collected the Easter eggs that made me laugh during the campaign. We also have a guide to the locations of the skulls in Halo Infinite, some of which are hidden in even more devious ways.

The OG Xbox gaming lair

Halfway through Infinite’s campaign, you’ll set off on a mission that will send you to beacons scattered around the ring. Next to one of those beacons is this incredibly well-hidden Easter egg. You have to go through this hexagonal tunnel and spot a small hole in the roof to tackle a hidden cave, which looks like a secret UNSC Marine game room. There is a stack of military rations, a television, and an original Xbox. Maybe they were playing Halo: CE?

Craig the Brute’s rock concert

Probably the most elaborate joke in Halo Infinite, this concert hall sits atop the tower, the site of one of Halo Infinite’s first campaign missions. The whole thing is a tribute to Craig, the Empty-faced Brute who became a meme during last year’s unfortunate campaign reveal. Craig has really moved on in the world, releasing an album and apparently going on tour. Sometimes Marines and Grunts also refer to him in their dialogues, like the Propaganda Tower asking, “Hey, do we have a Craig over there?” ”

Master Chief, the Arbiter and more, in plush form

A Master Chief doll in Halo Infinite

(Image credit: Microsoft, DEternalKronos on Reddit)

As soon as you complete the first mission that takes you to the surface of Zeta Halo, you will hitchhike in Pelican to a new location and be dropped off near an old UNSC base. From there, you can grab onto the side of a nearby cliff and find a cute toy version of Master Chief lying on a blanket. He’s not alone in toy form: there are also Arbiter, Pilot, and Grunt figures.

A MAC cannon you can actually shoot

I don’t know if this is an Easter egg or a problem, but it’s neat anyway. At the start of the Outpost Tremonius mission, you can climb the side of a crashed UNSC cruiser, then jump on a mounted cannon to… equip it? The weapon won’t appear in your hands, but when you pull the trigger it looks like you’re shooting the barrel of a Scorpion tank. Big boom.

The Halo theme plays from the highest peaks

unsure_if_its_been_mente_yet_but_i_was from r / halo

Climb to one of the highest viewpoints on the map and you will be rewarded with the chanting of Gregorian monks while taking in the views.

Blood Gulch is back, at least in hologram form

A hologram shows Halo's Blood Gulch

(Image credit: Microsoft, Redditor siracu55)

Who knows if Blood Gulch will make a return as a playable multiplayer map in Infinite, but the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved map certainly hasn’t been forgotten. Here it is in Banished hologram.

Peanut the… gopher?

Halo Infinite Easter Egg Gopher

(Image credit: Microsoft, Redditor CommanderChakotay)

In a first campaign mission, you’ll pass through a Forerunner storage facility, full of slabs that look like ancient aliens frozen in carbonite. They all match except one, which looks like a gopher. According to Halo Community Manager John Junyszek, it’s Peanut.

Of course there is a Rick & Morty reference

At the start of the mission The Tower, a box of Mr. Meeseeks is hidden behind a grid along the outer edge of the room that you circle on the way to the top. Fortunately, he doesn’t yell at you.

Here is a big sandwich

Like the Xbox, this sandwich is well hidden inside a cave in the ring. You’ll have to make your way through a small hole in the rock to find this sandwich, worshiped by a ring of growls. Music can also sound familiar.

Halo the arcade game

Not so hidden away in a Forerunner room near a Spartan core is Halo Infinite: The Arcade Game. Chiptune music is the real treat here. Well, that, and the Brute who seems to be dead from too many games.

Sheila the reservoir

When the pilot drops off a Scorpion, he’ll sometimes tell you “her name is Sheila,” a reference to Red Vs. Blue, where Sheila is the blue team’s tank. This is one of the few nods to Red Vs. Blue in Halo Infinite, others including a feat for bringing the Scorpion in On the Road to the House of Judgment called Bring Sheila back to home safe, marines shouting “Puma power!” and the pink option for your multiplayer AI skin being labeled “light red”. The quote from the loading screen “Have you ever wondered why we are here?” Is another reference: the first words spoken in the first episode of the series.

In Metal Gear Solid, the telepathic Psycho Mantis could read your mind and predict your movements. To defeat it, at least in the original version of PlayStation, you had to plug your controller into port two. Listen, go ahead. The Halo Infinite Propaganda Grunts are apparently Kojima stans, as they believe that’s the secret to defeating Master Chief.

Alicia R. Rucker