How to Complete Dig Side Easter Eggs in Terra Maledicta for CoD: Vanguard Zombies

Call of Duty Season 2 is live for Vanguard, which features the Terra Maledicta objective-based Zombies map. This new Zombies map has an optional main Easter egg story quest that you can complete, but there are a few side quests that will reward you with some nice loot. Here are all the steps to complete the “dig” side quests of Terra Maledicta.

These side quests will require you to dig around the map quite a bit, so the first step for both is to find a shovel.

find a shovel

Outpost Courtyard Shovel Location

The shovel can be found in four different locations on the map:

  • Against the wall in the outpost courtyard
  • To the right of the Venomous Vigor perk fountain
  • Next to the wagon near the Aethereal Haste perk fountain
  • In the market storage building

Lost Tome Pages Easter Egg

Digging up lost pages

lost tome page
lost tome page

Using a shovel, start digging up the small piles of digs on the map. I’ve found most of my success around the exterior and interior walls of buildings, but these dig piles are just about everywhere and look like a little mound of dirt. You will see a pop-up saying dig when you have successfully found a dig site. Digging through the sites has a chance of revealing a lost Tome of Rituals page. Sometimes you’ll uncover random items like Scavenger Bombs or Monkeys, but keep digging until you’ve uncovered four tome pages.

Turn the pages

Door for the pages of the tome
Door for the pages of the tome

Take the four pages to the glowing door found in the outpost courtyard near the starting hub. Approach the door and interact with it to place the pages one by one. I had a little trouble getting the interaction prompt to appear, so it seems really hard to know where you are at. Simply approach each of the four anchor points to try and pop the prompt. Eventually, the pages lock into place.

Claim your reward

With all four pages in place, you can now claim your free loot behind the door. This reward seems to be a death machine killstreak most often, but there is a rare chance of getting a ray gun. You can preview the item waiting behind the magic door by peeking through the hole on the left side of the wall.

Antenna Side Quest

Dig an antenna

Antenna article
Antenna article

Eventually, your digging will unearth a radio antenna element. Again, the items you get from dig sites are random. Maybe you get Salvage, Tome Page, Antenna, or Monkey Bombs. Keep digging until you get one. For me, I had the antenna long before I found a tome page.

Place the antenna

Merchant Road Communication Board
Merchant Road Communication Board

Once you have an antenna, go to the Merchant Road area of ​​the map. There is a table outside with a communication setup with radios and other equipment. Place the antenna here. You will be attacked by a wave of Boom Schreiers, which is Vanguard’s fast enemy type that will explode when killed or approach you.

Rotate additional antennas

Antenna near Venomous Vigor
Antenna near Venomous Vigor

After dealing with the Boom Schreiers, you need to locate three more antennas on the map. You don’t need to dig them up, just find them and rotate them. Order doesn’t seem to matter here, but Boom Schreiers will attack after the first two antenna rotations, then heavy Sturmkriegers will attack you on the third and final rotation.

Antenna locations:

  • One is located upstairs in the bazaar, near the Diabolical Damage perk fountain
  • Another is located in the debris fields near the Venomous Vigor perk fountain
  • A third can be found in Market Storage

Rotating all three Antennas and completing the last wave of Sturmkriegers will spawn a loot chest as a reward.

At the moment, there are Corrupted Heart items that can be dug up and reburied in other areas of the map, but it’s unclear if this is part of another side quest.

If you’re new to Terra Maledicta, here’s a complete guide to the Perk Fountains on the map. We also have a guide for Vanguard Zombies loadout tips and suggestions.

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Alicia R. Rucker