Interesting Ways to Start a Fun Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Technology has somehow changed the way people celebrate different festivals. Be it kids or adults, almost everyone is now constantly addicted to their smartphone and gadgets. The COVID-19 pandemic can be blamed for making people lazy and addicted to gadgets.

Easter Sunday is here and if you don’t want your kids to celebrate the special occasion with the flashy technology they have at their fingertips these days, then you can surely follow the ideas mentioned below to pass. an old fashioned Easter fun. egg hunt.

1. Select a location

The most important step is to choose a place where your children can comfortably look for the eggs. Ideally, choose an area large enough for your hunters, but not so large that it’s impossible to find the eggs. For young children, it’s probably best to keep it simple, with eggs scattered around the house or garden.

2. Stock up on eggs

Make sure you have enough eggs at home. For the safety of children, it is better to use plastic eggs. You can even fill each plastic egg with candies, chocolates and goodies. Before the Easter egg hunt, don’t forget to buy tons and tons of eggs.

3. Dress up your kids in special and cozy Easter outfits Elevate the Easter egg hunt for your kids by dressing them in special and cozy new clothes. It’s a great way to emphasize the meaning of the holidays while making them exciting for children. One can also dress up their kids in custom bunny costumes. To make the celebrations more interesting, one can surely turn his child into an Easter egg by wrapping his outfit with a white cloth or toilet paper.

4. Improve the Easter egg hunt with a touch of fun challenges You can use the Easter egg hunt to teach your children a thing or two. All you have to do is fill each egg with a fun fact your little one will remember forever.

Want your kids to get involved in physical activity instead of sleeping on the couch all day this Sunday? Then make the Easter egg hunt interesting by initiating a simple physical challenge like “do 5 jumping jacks” or “run across the yard and back”.

The trick is that every time someone finds an egg, they shout the challenge and the other contestants have to do it before they can go back to their search for eggs, while the person who found the challenge keeps searching.

So this Easter, bond with your kids on a fun egg hunt without digital gadgets.

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Alicia R. Rucker