Interview with the Easter Bunny — Waterbury Roundabout

Easter is this Sunday, April 17, and plans are coming to fruition for the annual parade and egg hunt to return after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Turns out the Easter Bunny is helping organizers at the Rotary Club of Waterbury spread the word this year. He slowed down just long enough for a short interview for Waterbury Roundabout and the Waterbury Reader.

Question: Hello, Mr. Bunny. There’s a rumor that you’ll be returning to Waterbury for a parade and egg hunt this year. Can you confirm if this is happening?

Easter Bunny: Why, yes indeed, Waterbury is one of my favorite jumping spots. I missed hiding all those candy-filled eggs and parading through town with the kids. Last year’s driving tour was fun, but not the same.

Question: So you’re back! Will there be egg candy and a parade too?

EB: There will be an Easter parade and everyone is welcome to wear their fanciest hats – but it’s not compulsory. The parade will begin at Brookside Elementary School at 10:30 a.m. this Saturday, April 16.

Question: Will the Easter egg hunt take place after the parade?

EB: The Egg Hunt will be restricted to children 10 and under at Pilgrim Park. It is scheduled to start jumping at 11 a.m. This depends on Rotarians clearing the grounds after the winter thaw before the parade. I don’t want one of the kids accidentally picking up a dog tag instead of an egg.

Question: Have you taken any extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic?

EB: I practiced my carrot jumping skills during the pandemic and became quite proficient at retrieving carrots from great heights.

Question: There is also a rumor that the eggs for the children will be stuffed with carrots that you like so much. Is it true?

EB: Haha! Oh no! The plastic eggs will be filled with sweets for the children. And if you are in contact with the children beforehand, please tell them that they should leave their pets – especially dogs – at home. Dogs like to chase me and that scares me. Also, chocolate is not good for dogs.

Question: okay. Anything else to tell the kids?

EB: Ask them to bring their empty baskets to put the Easter eggs in or a bag with a good handle so they can carry all the treasures they collect.

Question: What about April showers? Forecasts indicate that we could have a few. Is there a backup plan in case of rain?

EB: It’s Easter weekend! No alternate plans. Everyone should dress for the weather. The Easter Parade and Egg Hunt will take place rain, shine or snow.

Gwenna Peters is a member of the Waterbury Rotary Club. Easter Parade and Egg Hunt Coordinator Jeff Smith provided details for this announcement.

Alicia R. Rucker