Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Trailer Breakdown: Easter Eggs and Uncertainties

After years of speculation, a wasteland of wild theories and a countless series of questionable “spoilers” in the months that followed, a full trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power finally fell and gave audiences a more complete view of the Second Age of Middle-earth than ever before. Part of the marketing strategy ahead of the series’ September release appears to be a slow drip of interviews, articles, images and scenes gradually settling into an increasingly cohesive picture. as the main storylines of the upcoming series begin. to set up.

What the most recent trailer revealed finally yielded enough plot and development material to draw some firm conclusions – and, of course, a whole new set of wild theories inspired by perfectly placed Easter eggs. . But now that we finally have the full trailer, what do we know (and what can we guess) about the new Prime Video series?

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One of the best things about the new trailer is that it opens up to a lot more of Númenor than previously revealed. Combined with the recent Entertainment Weekly articlethe context of the trailer shows a good part of what the story of Númenorean will be, at least in the first episodes.

One thing that is very clear in the trailer is that the Númenorean queen, Tar-Miriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), is going to be extremely important to the plot. But there’s also clearly trouble in heaven: one of the things revealed by the recent article is that the grey-bearded character Pharazon (Trystan Gravelle) from the trailer is expected to be one of Miriel’s closest advisors at the start of the show. The trailer also shows him gathering a crowd in some sort of protest and walking with Miriel down a street strewn with white petals as she looks up in anxiety.

For those familiar with the source material, this promises to be a very interesting storyline that will potentially unfold during the show’s first season. This is the location for a (potential) spoiler warning, but Pharazon ends up marrying Tar-Miriel and effectively usurping the throne from him, taking the mantle of Ar-Pharazon the Golden and leading Númenor to his ultimate downfall. There has been speculation for some time as to whether Pharazon and Miriel would be married at the start of the show, and who would be in power, but the trailer and article seem to indicate that audiences will see a Tar Queen. -Miriel before Pharazon makes his bid for The Throne. It may have something to do with Miriel’s foreboding gaze upwards in the trailer; there’s an interesting possibility that these falling petals may also have come from the Nimloth tree. Nimloth is the tree from which the White Tree of Gondor later grew, and those falling white petals could be a sign of impending disaster.

There are also a handful of lines spoken by Elendil (Lloyd Owen), father of Isildur (Maxime Baldry), who is also in a position very close to the rulers of Númenor in the source material. He ominously declares: “The past is dead. Either we move on or we die with it. For a man who later ends up saving Númenor’s last hope and leading the armies of the Last Alliance, it promises a potentially dramatic story arc for Elendil and his family.

Galadriel’s Mission

What may be the series’ biggest and most important storyline seems to be Galadriel’s enigmatic mission (Morfydd Clark) taking him through Middle-earth. She is seen on a ship heading west accompanied by a flock of seabirds, marching through frozen wasteland and mountainous landscapes, preying on an ice troll and covered in dust and bathed ash with a strange red glow. It’s unclear what she’s up to, but she appears to be traveling with a company somewhere in the mountainous north of Middle-earth, possibly in the region of Mount Gundabad, which has a complicated and dangerous history in lore. of Middle Earth.

His journey on the boat is even more enigmatic. This may be a flashback, as a number of shots in the trailer are definitely scenes from the First Age (more on that later), and so it could be a journey (or of an attempted voyage) to sail West to reach the Immortal Lands. . On the other hand, it could be some kind of embassy on the island of Númenor, also located in the west of Middle-earth, and could well end with the sinking of Galadriel which has been shown in other teasers. Galadriel must make a Númenorean connection, as she is seen in the trailer leading a Númenorean cavalry charge at something yet to be revealed.

Easter eggs

Arguably the most fascinating bits the trailers have given us so far have been the tiny Easter eggs strewn throughout each teaser, and the full trailer has dropped some of the biggest yet. .

For starters, the dispute between Galadriel and Elrond (Robert Aramayo) in the trailer hints at a story for each character the series is likely to explore. Elrond states, “I’ve seen my share”, and Galadriel replies “You haven’t seen what I’ve seen”, as the audience gets a glimpse of what appear to be dead elves floating in the red waters . Elrond himself has certainly seen his fair share; as a child he was taken prisoner and imprisoned by the Sons of Feanor and had to be abandoned by his parents during the third murder, for one thing. Galadriel, however, seems to hint at one of two major scenes the show is likely to give: the red, ashy waters of Galadriel could be a reference to the first massacre, when Feanor’s sons turned on another group. of elves and slaughtered them. for their ships. Tolkien noted that Galadriel participated in it, but it is interesting to know which side she fought on. If the show gives this scene, it will be interesting to see where they decide to place it.

The other major option the scene could depict is the War of Wrath, which was the final conflict that ultimately defeated Morgoth, Sauron’s former master. Most of a continent was shattered and thrown into the sea during the climactic battles, and some kind of tower appears to be falling into the waters in the background of the shot, so it may be a reference to the Wrath War instead. And speaking of First Age events, there are at least two shots in the trailer that are undoubtedly from that time. One is the scene of a figure (possibly Galadriel’s brother Finrod) climbing a hill and gazing at the two trees of Valinor as they blaze with light. The Trees only existed in the First Age, so it can only have happened then.

The other near certainty is the shot of a group of elves drawing their swords in a kind of ritual salute with a starry night overhead. It’s almost certainly Feanor’s Oath; his sons unsheathed their swords and joined in their father’s disastrous oath to stop at nothing to take back the Silmarils Morgoth had stolen from them. This eventually led to the first massacre, and the starry night is probably a clue to this oath: it was sworn after Morgoth destroyed the trees and before the sun and moon had ever risen, so the only light in the sky would have been starlight. .

A few other fun Easter eggs also arrived: the full trailer teaser, released a week prior, had a quick shot of Ents at the end, and even what looked like a child Ent. The show could then give an answer to Treebeard’s later complaint that they don’t know what happened to the Entwives. Durin (Owain Arthur) is also seen holding something shimmering silver in his hand, which is almost certainly mithril – a fitting find, as Tolkien noted that mithril in Middle-earth was only ever found in the kingdom of Khazad- dum, where dwarven history takes place in the show.

A number of Númenorean statues are also tantalizing: one in the background of the opening shot appears to be a depiction of one of the Valar of the Sea, and the statue with its outstretched hand is probably Earendil, bearing the headband around his forehead. with the Silmaril attached to it.

Meteor Man

One of the biggest unanswered questions since the Super Bowl teaser is: Who on (Middle) Earth is the Meteor Man? The full trailer doesn’t give any answers, but adds more intrigue to the question. Something weird and strange is happening as the fiery crater fades away, and a number of viewers have pointed out that it looks eerily similar to the Eye of Sauron as it fades. Is the Meteor Man Sauron? One of his servants? A good character just pretending to the audience?

The tantalizing uncertainties

The final bits of the trailer tease some of the most uncertain storylines of all. The elf Arondir (Ismael Cruz Cordoba) is seen chained up and battling some sort of warg creature, and a sinister elven figure named Adar (Joseph Mawlé) recently made cameo appearances in the trailer and promotional posters. He also wields a sword that bears a remarkable resemblance to the swords used during Feanor’s Oath in the trailer (as do some of the elves on ice with Galadriel in particular). Since he’s an invented character for the show, how will he fit in? Only time will tell, but the First Age material and hints of major events and plot twists promise a tantalizing new spectacle to watch when it finally releases in September.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres exclusively on Prime Video on September 2. Prime Video is also premiering the series at SDCC next week, Friday, July 22 at 10:30 a.m. PDT. You can check out the new trailer below.

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