Los Angeles Lakers get run over on Easter Sunday by the Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers spent their Easter Sunday playing their cross-hall rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers in front of nationally televised audiences. The Lakers laid enough eggs to compete with the Easter Bunny when they were kicked out of Staples Center.

To all the Lakers Nation who missed the game for the Easter Sunday festivities and wondered what happened against the Los Angeles Clippers, Lake Show Life will show an illustration that summed up the day. press PLAY on this clip

To put this debacle into perspective, Marc Gasol was the first double-digit Laker at the end of the third quarter (Yes, the staff verified this fact three times!). He led all starters in scoring for the game!

The Los Angeles Lakers were rolled 104-86 by the Clippers.

The Lakers’ loss will affect their 4th place in the Western Conference standings if the Denver Nuggets beat the Orlando Magic. No one thought the Lakers would beat the Clips without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but playing like they’d rather be somewhere else (yes Dennis Schroder, that means YOU!) Was very bad.

The good of Los Angeles Lakers defeat: (Okay, we’re pushing here!)

Montrezl Harrell continues to play hard!

Trezl continues to do what he does, finishing with 19 points (7-12 shooting!) And 6 rebounds. If Dennis Schroder wasn’t playing (we’ll talk about that later!), That wouldn’t be a big deal. However, it was difficult to find a player on the roster who actually took part in this game. Here is the other …

Talen Horton-Tucker also played strong.

THT dominated the rest of the guards’ rotation scoring 16 points (7-14 shooting!) And grabbing 5 rebounds. Most of these stats were collected after the Lakers dropped 20 or more points, but AT LEAST, he collected these stats after the game was over.

This game was over and the Lakers media were able to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

There wasn’t much positive to say about Lakers fans here.

The evil of losing the Los Angeles Lakers:

Dude, the bad Morris twin got hot!

Let’s be clear here. Markieff Morris started the game well, scoring for the Lakers. At halftime he was leading the Lake Show with 9 points on 4-7 shots. The only problem was that his brother Marcus was playing even better.

At halftime, Morris Sr. was leading everyone with 17 points on a 7-9 shot.

What is worse? The Clippers continued to feed their twin Morris with the ball to keep shooting. The Lakers threw theirs in a broom closet apparently because Keef took a few more hits the entire game! Most of them were after the game was over.

The Lakers fell behind early and really never caught up.

With LeBron James and Anthony Davis being out, the rest of the roster doesn’t have much of a window to score droughts. The Lakers chose the worst time to have theirs early in the game, 10-2 behind.

Then when the Lakers finished the first half with a 5-0 run, it quickly dissipated with a 10-0 run in the third quarter. Since LeBron’s injury, the team have grown accustomed to scoring bad quarterbacks. There were two in this game.

The score by quarters? First: 20 points. Second: 18 points. Third: 17 points. Fourth: does it really matter?

The Clippers entered the game with more skill, more depth and more cohesion. The Lakers couldn’t afford a slow start if they wanted this game and that’s exactly what happened.

The offense (Or the failure to believe it!).

This match made the team feel like they didn’t believe in themselves. They shot badly from the 3-point line (7-23), they weren’t aggressive in attacking the basket and the ball didn’t move like in the Sacramento game. The Lakers recorded a 38 point low in the first half. Either this team has to believe they can hold the fort without AD and LeBron, or it will happen a lot until they come back. Confidence is everything in basketball and the Lakers didn’t have it.

Serge Ibaka’s outfit!

Shout out to Serge and the Clippers who tried to justify this outfit but the “Art” argument is usually put forward at times like these.

The story of the Los Angeles Lakers defeat:

Dennis Schroder’s attitude is getting worse.

No other media will say it, so let Lake Show Life say it. Dennis Schroder is relied on for leadership with the superstars absent. This is only for Lakers fans, you won’t get it from him. He played terribly, had an argument on the ground with his teammates over defensive breakdowns and it felt like Jrue Holiday’s four-year extension for $ 160 million was on his mind.

Note these words, Dennis Schroder is playing for his next contract and not the Los Angeles Lakers!

He finished with 8 points on 3-12 shots. If you’re Rob Pelinka, find a team to put together a sign-and-trade agreement or let it work and get a trade exception. Either way, let this guy walk.

The East Coast road trip this week!

The Los Angeles Lakers could escape the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday. After that the hardest part of the program will come. On Thursday, Miami is on the schedule and as of this writing, they are leading a four-game winning streak.

Next, they will face the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center on Saturday night, who have won 12 of their last 15 games. The Lake Show must come closer to a road split before facing the Utah Jazz in a two-game series on April 17 and 19.

The Los Angeles Lakers are welcoming fans again on April 15!

The Los Angeles Lakers are finalizing their plans to have fans present when they face the Boston Celtics on April 15.

Frank Vogel weighed in on Friday night before the Sacramento game via ESPN.

“It’s going to be super exciting for our whole community”

“I know our guys, our coaches, our internal organization will be really excited about this. I think the players on the pitch will notice the energy that our fans bring.

“Obviously, we don’t know exactly how many fans will be there yet, but just having some there is going to bring a lot of energy to us, and I’m just happy for the LA community. One of everyone’s favorite things to do is go to Lakers games, and they couldn’t do it during this pandemic. So really excited about this news.

Lakers Nation is not over yet. Please continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, and all other health and safety guidelines. Let’s keep working until the Staples Center is full again!

Alicia R. Rucker