Moon Knight’s Meghan Kasperlik Reveals Easter Egg Viewers Missed

Every MCU movie and TV show is constantly combed through by fans looking for the many Easter eggs that Marvel has scattered throughout their projects.

However, not all of these Easter Eggs are always picked up. In an interview with Digital Spy, Moon Knight Costume designer Meghan Kasperlik has revealed three Easter eggs viewers missed on the show starring Oscar Isaac.

The first of these Easter Eggs revolves around the mental hospital that serves as an important location in the series.


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“When Layla is in the mental institution and the other people who are recurring characters are in the mental institution, each of them has a little easter egg in it. That’s what means where they are placed in the mental institution. episode,” Kasperlik said. .

“So Layla – the leggings, the print that’s on her leggings when she’s Scarlet Scarab, we did this print on her leg, on her sweatpants, in the mental institution. If anyone is looking very closely , he can see it’s a printed mirror. So it’s like: in his head, what did he see in the psychiatric hospital that he is, ‘When do we see him later? What’s really going on?'”

Another failed Easter egg concerns the character of Bertrand Crawley. In the comics, Crawley is a homeless man who serves as Moon Knight’s informant. In the series, Crawley is portrayed as a street performer who dresses like a living statue all in gold.

“We see that Crawley has the hat he had when he was in London. He has the same hat he pulls the bingo balls out of. It’s just white versus gold,” Kasperlik explained.

ethan hawke as arthur harrow and oscar isaac as steven grant in moon knight


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The third missed easter egg is particularly cool – and involves some clever achievement techniques. Again, this is a scene in the mental hospital. Kasperlik explains that while the TV show doesn’t necessarily show this part explicitly, they actually did and it’s here to see.

“That’s when [Arthur Harrow] walks away and has blood on his sandals. We put on the bottom of the sandals, integrated into the sole, there is a crocodile print on it. So when he walks away, there’s a footprint in the blood of a crocodile. I don’t think they focused on that, but we pretty much did,” Kasperlik said.

oscar isaac as the moon knight in the official trailer

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Moon Knight is one of the best-received series in the MCU, with much praise for Oscar Isaac’s dual performance as Steven Grant and Marc Spector. The limited series ran for six episodes, though it’s unclear whether or not a second season is happening.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

Alicia R. Rucker