Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Easter Eggs

The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 6, “No Normalcy”.The first season of Ms. Marvel reaches its conclusion on Disney Plus with an episode in which Kamala Khan realizes there is no normalcy anymore, just the fact that she and her friends – and her community as a whole – have to adjust to the reality of powerful people. The episode features Kamala’s family and friends rallying to help her and Kamran when damage control officers pursue them.

Because the episode is so focused on the action and the conclusion of this chapter in Kamala’s story, fans might not immediately notice all the Easter eggs aimed at them. There are some from the wider MCU, some from the comics, and some teasing the future.


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“No Normal” doesn’t just refer to Kamala’s line in the episode about there being no normal. It is also a reference to comics. The first collected volume of G. Willow Wilson Ms. Marvel run is called “No Normal”. The volume features the first five issues of the 2013 comic book series.

Bruno and Kamran try to hide from Damage Control in the mosque, but are quickly taken to task by Nakia who informs them that he will not offer them refuge since the agents have already been there. When the sheikh reminds them that they need a disguise to hide from the agents on the streets, he offers them baseball caps.

It’s a sweet gesture and a reminder that baseball caps are the perfect way to hide someone’s face in the MCU. Of course, there is also a little joke with the use of baseball caps. Bruno receives the one with “haram” written on it, while Kamran receives the one that says “halal”. Haram is basically the opposite of halal. Halal is a word that roughly translates to permitted in English; it is a term used to indicate that something is acceptable according to the Islamic faith. Haram, on the other hand, means that something is forbidden by faith.

When Kamala first visits the Red Daggers’ headquarters, she is shown their map on the wall, one in which they track exactly where Noor can be accessed. When Kamala calls Kareem for help with Kamran, he stands near the map and the focus location is different from Kamala’s first visit, indicating someone else on the planet has access to Noor energy.

When Kareem and Kamran meet, it’s also important to note that Kareem does not take food or lead Kamran to the secret headquarters behind the restaurant. Instead, they eat at a table within sight of the restaurant’s front door, demonstrating that despite offering Kamala his help, Kareem does not fully trust Kamran.

When Nakia wonders why Zoe is helping them, Zoe reminds her that Kamala literally saved her life not too long ago. Zoe has known for a while that Kamala is a “night watcher” because she saw her using her powers in the theater at school, probably in Episode 2 when Bruno and Kamala meet there. Zoe, however, offers this quote to Nakia as well. She has no interest in revealing Kamala’s secret as it should be her decision.

This coming of Zoé is all the more poignant as, in the Ms. Marvel comics, Zoe is actually a lesbian who initially keeps her crush a secret, fearing the reaction of others.

Damage Control previously used drones belonging to Tony Stark to pursue Kamala and Kamran. For the showdown in this episode, they borrow technology from another chapter of the MCU. It’s the same technology used against the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk.

When the confrontation with the Damage Control agents comes to a head outside of the school, Kamala crafting hard light disks is just not enough to keep Kamran’s powers from spiraling out of control and keep the agents away from him. As she lies on the sidewalk, she whispers the word “embeggen” before her body is covered in a harsh light that acts as an extension of her, making her practically as tall as Ant-Man in his giant form.

“Embiggen” is the term used for her shapeshifting ability to make herself taller, or even just her arms bigger, in the comics. The MCU series has used it before to extend hard light from her arms, such as when she saved Zoe in the first episode, but this is the first time Kamala has named the ability or used it fully.

This particular image, of Kamala in her new uniform, sitting on the lamp post, is the one that has been used to promote the show since the first trailer. It’s also an image straight out of the comics.

Bruno gives Kamala some very interesting information when he and Nakia meet Kamala in Kamran’s car. He informs her that while they know her ability to access Noor comes from Aisha and the Destine Clan, there might be more to it. In order for his family to have more information on what to expect, Bruno compares his DNA to his family members and discovers that Kamala’s genes are somehow different. He calls them a mutation.

Until now, the idea of ​​genetic mutation has never been clearly stated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to its association with mutants, specifically the X-Men, in the comics. Ms. Marvel takes the reveal one step further as the 1990s opening panes x-men the animated series start playing when Bruno tells him to.

Kamala Khan is the first named mutant in the MCU, who isn’t as far removed from the Inhuman lineage in the comics as fans will think. While the Inhumans are the result of Kree experimentation on ancient humans, the X gene found in mutants is the result of Celestials experimenting on ancient humans in the comics. These ideas could still come to fruition in some form in the MCU.

Due to Kamala’s love of superheroes and her family’s South Asian heritage, most of her pop culture references are to Bollywood movies and the Avengers. Nakia, however, demonstrates that teenagers know a lot about other areas of pop culture as well.

While the mention of the shawarma probably wasn’t meant to be a nod to the Avengers grabbing the shawarma after the Battle of New York, it still works. Nakia’s line is changed from mean girlsand it’s been a meme for years.

Kamala Khan’s creator, G. Willow Wilson, received many nods throughout the series. Mr. Wilson is named after him and his name appears on the plaque outside the school. She finally appears in the flesh, so to speak, in the season finale.

Wilson is one of the people talking about Kamala on Tik-Tok at the end of the episode. She notices that the costumed hero looks familiar.

Curiously, one of the other Tik-Tok users who appears alongside him is MasterPaul616, a nod to Marvel’s 616 universe, the main comics timeline. Universe 616 recently received a shoutout in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as well.

Due to Kamala’s love for Carol Danvers as a hero, and the knowledge that she will appear in the film Wonders, fans have been waiting for her to appear on the show. They may not have expected the cameo they got.

During the credits, just as Kamala is about to start doing her homework, she is suddenly teleported away and Carol Danvers appears, startled, in her room. The two seem to have switched places, which only reinforces the idea that Kamala’s bracelet is one of the MCU’s Nega-Bands. The Nega-Bands normally act as a pair, much like Aisha points out about the bracelets in flashback earlier in the season. In the comics, groups can allow the wielder to teleport, but if separated, groups can still work together over long distances.

It’s possible Carol found the other bracelet in her search for something else, like information about the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi, which is what audiences last saw her reviewing in the MCU. They will have to wait until Wonders hits theaters in 2023 to be sure.

Ms. Marvel is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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