New Blood director opens up about shiny Easter eggs in episode 8

Dexter: new blood Episode 8, “Unfair Game,” was by far the most action-packed episode of the revival to date. Dexter struggles to escape Elric Kane (Shuler Hensley) and save his son from Kurt Caldwell. Much of the episode takes place as Dexter is hunted through the frozen nature of Iron Lake. Dexter: new blood director Sanford Bookstaver revealed that episode 8 also contained several hidden references to the classic horror film, The brilliant.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood Episode 8.]

Michael C. Hall as Dexter in Episode 8 of “Dexter: New Blood” | Seacia Pavao / Time for the show

What happened in episode 8 of “Dexter: New Blood”?

In Dexter: new blood Episode 8, Dexter is kidnapped by a man working for Kurt Caldwell named Elric Kane. Meanwhile, Kurt gets closer and closer to Harrison, eventually inviting him to his cabin to eat deer and scotch. Harrison is unaware that Kurt is planning to kill him.

Kane is ordered to bring Dexter back alive to Kurt’s cabin, but Dexter makes it difficult for him. He manages to escape Kane’s car using a clever trick with his hand ties. Next, Dexter finds himself running for his life through the snow-capped wilderness, pursued by a gun-wielding Kane.

The chase ultimately leads Dexter and Kane to an abandoned summer camp. Dexter finds a knife and is able to get the best of Kane by breaking a mirror. He learns where Kurt took his son before stabbing Kane in the chest.

“Dexter: New Blood” Director Reveals “The Shining” Easter Eggs in Episode 8

Dexter paid tribute to popular films such as American psychopath in the past. Episode 8’s snowy setting was the perfect time to sneak into some reference Easter Eggs The brilliant. The classic 1980s horror film is set in a secluded hotel during the winter. Dexter: new blood director Sanford Bookstaver breaks down the hidden references on the Dexter: New Blood Recap Podcast.

The brilliant is my favorite horror movie of all time, ”Bookstaver said on the podcast. “There are some very Shiny-sque moments in this episode, with stalking in the snow, it’s very similar to the maze of hedges.

Towards the end of The brilliant, little Danny flees his disturbed father through a labyrinth of hedges. He is able to outsmart Jack by creating a trail in the snow, then retracing his already existing footprints. Dexter attempts this tactic by running away from Kane, but unfortunately for him, he’s not as successful as Danny.

Bookstaver went on to explain over The brilliant Easter eggs hidden in the episode. “There’s a door 237 in the summer camp dining hall that Shuler walks past,” he said on the podcast. “There is a sign in the woods leading to summer camp, but also in that same sign it says: ‘At the Overlook Hotel’. In Kurt’s cabin, it’s very very subtle, the wallpaper is the pattern of The brilliant. ”

Where was the revival filmed?

Dexter: new blood takes place in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York. The revival’s new location is a stark contrast to Dexter’s former Miami home. Filming for the revival took place primarily in various parts of Massachusetts. Shelburne Falls in particular was used to create the small town of Iron Lake in all of its snowy charm, Dexter executive producer Scott Reynolds said on the Dexter: New Blood Recap Podcast.

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