She-Hulk Episode 5 Easter Eggs

Now over half the series, She-Hulk Episode 5 brought Jennifer Walters back to court in a surprising turn of events. Appearing this time as a plaintiff instead of a lawyer, She-Hulk picked up her second victory over Titania, which gave audiences a deeper insight into MCU influencer culture. Tensions continue to mount between Jen and her most notable comic book nemesis, but all seems well in the world of She-Hulk currently.

Every moment of this week’s episode was filled with superhero merchandise ranging from counterfeit t-shirts to limited-edition shoes, and there were plenty of hidden gems scattered throughout the episode. Fans finally learned who is responsible for designing all the modern superhero costumes the characters manage to get their hands on, which led to one of the show’s biggest Easter eggs yet.


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Avengers gear

The dynamic between Pug and Nikki was one of the best things about Episode 5, and seeing them get haggled by a boba goods dealer was definitely a highlight. Among his cheap wares were a shield and a hammer which were obviously poorly made replicas of Cap’s shield and Mjolnir.

Despite Steve Roger’s exit from the superhero business, his presence in the MCU remains strong, and Jen probably would have loved to get her hands on his fake shield. Thor also remains popular with the people of Earth, even though he is currently galaxy-spanning.

Shrek is MCU Canon

Like many other MCU projects, the characters tend to reference real-life pop culture classics, which grounds the franchise in a bit of reality. This week, Titania made a sarcastic comment about Jen’s court appearance by referring to her as Shrek. This scene confirmed that everyone’s favorite Ogre exists within the MCU and remains well-known in the fictional world of Marvel, so it’s entirely possible that the world’s greatest heroes watched his misadventures with Donkey.

Mallory’s Book Returns

Mallory Book defended Jen’s case against Titania this week, showing viewers why her comic book nickname is “the face that never lost a case.” Mallory made defeating Titania easy, and she struck up a new friendship with Jen outside of the office, too.

In the comics, Mallory and Jen were professional rivals, as Jen was the reason Mallory lost her winning streak. However, She-Hulk put a spin on that relationship by making them allies rather than competitors, and the two women bonded over drinks after their victory. As always, there is still time for this relationship to turn sour, but things are off to a good start between the two lawyers. Jen even told Mallory she was thrilled to have a new friend, which she later felt embarrassed about.

The ghosts of bad past dates

Audiences were ecstatic about Jen when they thought she’d found her perfect match in last week’s episode, but it turned out that all of her online dating experiments were a major failure. The crew of outlandish men returned to help She-Hulk win her case against Titania, further proving that they wouldn’t make good boyfriends for Jen, but they’re at least good for something.

Pug shoes collection

In episode 2 of She-Hulk, Jen’s computer screen revealed an advertisement for shoes named Iron Man Three, which were soon to be made public. This week, Pug asked Nikki if she would be willing to go with him and grab an extra pair, so he could have a set to wear and a set to collect.

As the She-Hulk Rolling credits, a new image of Pug showing his shoe collection to Nikki revealed other MCU connections, featuring Deadpool, and what appear to be shoes inspired by other characters like Thing, Cyclops, and Ghost Rider.

Now that Marvel has confirmed Dead Pool 3 will be MCU canon when it finally hits theaters, it’s safe to assume that all of the other heroes referenced in Pug’s collection will join the ranks as well.

Daredevil costume unveiling

The biggest bomb-drop of the week was the reveal of Daredevil’s infamous yellow costume helmet, which was left out in the superhero stylist’s office. Marvel has already announced that Charlie Cox will return to the MCU in Phase 5, starring in another of his own series on Disney Plus titled Daredevil: Born Again.

Obviously, Marvel’s other superhero-lawyer has been busy after hours, working with fashion designers to create an all-new costume for his upcoming spring 2024 adventures. Daredevil still has a cameo in store. some time in the She-Hulk series that fans are eagerly awaiting. Now that his new costume has been partially unveiled, there’s a good chance he’ll appear in next week’s episode to give fans a full reveal.

New episodes of She-Hulk air every Thursday on Disney Plus.

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