Sony’s New PlayStation Trailer Littered With Easter Eggs

Sony has just unveiled a brand new PlayStation trailer to mark the debut of that new PS Plus service you’ve all heard about, and the trailer is full of Easter eggs. The new PS Plus platform is about to go live worldwide after months of teasing, and Sony has taken a golden opportunity to remind fans of the many titles it has created over the years – you know, in case you forgot.

Some of these IP Easter eggs involved in this new PlayStation trailer are famous titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Bloodborne, and Ghost of Tsushima. They are a heavyweight group in the gaming community. How could we forget them? Take a look at the new trailer below.

What else is in the new PlayStation trailer?

This new PlayStation trailer from Sony is simply called “Mr. Malcom. Sounds weird, right? The trailer takes us on a wonderful journey into what Sony calls a “mystifying and intriguing world, showcasing life that everyone can have wonderful gaming experiences”. The first thing you notice is a man called Mr. Malcom (that’s where the name comes from) as he takes care of some daily chores – you might be confused as to what this has to do with PlayStation.

Soon, however, the new PlayStation trailer becomes much more surreal as the titular character returns home and back to his impressive collection of Sony titles, where Easter eggs come in. Get a pen and paper ready (people still use them, don’t you), see how many names you can jot down, and let us know what titles you spotted.

That’s not all for Sony, however; it was only yesterday that the company revealed that it had exceeded the number of matches originally promised to become available for the new and improved PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Catalogs. Either way, this new PlayStation Plus service is sure to attract more people.

Alicia R. Rucker