Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 1 Easter Eggs & References

Book and Burnham’s mission echoes Into Darkness

While the details are different, the overall tone and sweep of the first scene in this episode is very reminiscent of Star Trek Into Darkness. In it, Bones and Kirk were running for their lives as a group of friendly aliens pursued them for a perceived religious heresy. In this episode, the “butterfly people” – as Book calls them – are also annoyed, also because of a communication problem.

Bringing Your Pet Ruins Another Mission Outdoors – Captain Archer Style

The fact that the mere presence of a pet can cause an alien species to take deep offense too seems to refer to Star Trek: Enterprise episode “One Night In Sickbay”, in which Captain Archer accidentally offends an entire alien species because his dog Porthos pees on some trees.

Opening credits reflect the new design of the ship

While the series’ opening credits are now very familiar, a few small details have changed for this season. From now on, the Discovery of the USS in the credits appears as his improved self, with detached naccells. The anomaly is also referenced in the credits, as is a mysterious glyph, which could represent some sort of mathematical equation.

The Ba’ul at peace

When we visit the High Council of Kaminar, we see several Ba’ul cooling off in the water outside a dome. The Ba’ul are the other dominant life form on the planet Kaminar, in addition to Saru’s species, the Kelpians. In fact, we haven’t seen the Ba’ul since Season 2, when it was revealed in the episode “A Sound of Thunder” that in the past the Kelpians had enslaved the Ba’ul, a situation which was reversed by the 23rd century. Now it looks like they’re all living in harmony, a 930-year-old legacy that was arguably started by Captain Pike and Burnham in Season 2.

The new uniforms and the passage of time

While no comment is made on the new color-coded uniforms worn by the crew of the Discovery, Saru tells us that five months have passed since the end of Season 3. Apparently, at that point, Starfleet decided to roll out new uniforms, at least, for the DISCO team. Staff in Starfleet Command, and later Commander Nalas, all wear mostly gray uniforms from last season.

Starfleet Academy reopens after 125 years

Because Starfleet is no longer based on Earth, here we find out that the academy itself has been closed since after the burn.

Alicia R. Rucker