The Aldi Specialbuy hanging egg chair sells “in minutes” on Easter Sunday

Aldi’s famous egg chair sold out within minutes of going on sale, leaving many buyers disappointed on Easter Sunday.

The supermarket giant’s iconic garden furniture was snapped up by online shoppers in record time, prompting someone to call it “the worst Easter egg hunt.”

The £ 149 rattan chair was supposed to be on sale on Aldi’s website at 5 a.m. today, but many have reported that it wasn’t available until 8 a.m. – and 8 a.m. 15, she was exhausted.

When the announcement was made that it would be on sale again, many set their sights on the product and this morning more than 200,000 people joined a virtual queue.

This is the message we got while trying to join the queue.

The message on Aldi’s website that the egg chair was sold out

Many have set an alarm today in the hope that they won’t miss a thing. The stores are closed to the public today.

One lucky shopper tweeted her joy at having one – after lying awake most of the night to keep her spot in the queue.

She posted: “I had an interrupted night’s sleep waking up every 30 minutes to refresh the website to make sure I was staying in the queue, but I FINALLY GOT THE CHAIR MYSELF. ALDI EGG !!!!!!!

“#aldieggchair not gunna ment, it was the worst Easter egg hunt ever …”

While another frustrated buyer posted: “The only thing lying around right now is my ashamed head staring at a screen pressing the non-existent ‘add to cart’ button for the past 3 hours !! #aldieggchair Aldi hung “my head -in shame” egg chair …. “

Another Aldi fan tweeted his glee saying, “You wouldn’t know how excited I am that I managed to get an aldi egg chair!”

And another Twitter user said: “The amount of comfort I eat while waiting for the #aldieggchair, I’m going to be too heavy for the damn thing if I even manage to grab one!”

A disappointed buyer got to see the fun side by saying, “Well no #aldieggchair for me. Again. I had one in my basket and then it was gone. 3 hours of my life I will never find again. never. At least I’ll be able to get one on eBay soon for 3 times the price !! “

The chair’s egg basket is made of rattan, comes with a set of dark gray cushions, and is held aloft by a sturdy silver chain suspended from a gray iron frame. It can also be detached from the chain so that it can be easily placed anywhere in the garden.

This isn’t the only one of Aldi’s spring items set to pick up this weekend. Other products available in the garden line are the Kamado ceramic egg barbecue and a chic three-piece rattan effect bistro set.

The online shopping frenzy comes on a day when all supermarkets are required by law to close their stores. On Easter Sunday, only small retail units are allowed to open.

The Kamado ceramic egg barbecue costs £ 349.99, while the bistro set will retail for £ 149.99.

Aldi is also bringing back its out of stock inflatable hot tub this weekend. Costing £ 349.99, the German retailer’s hot tub is much cheaper than other versions on the market, which can cost thousands of dollars, and is large enough to accommodate four adults.

Alicia R. Rucker