The DCEU’s 10 Best Hidden Easter Eggs

The DCEU is full of Easter eggs and nods to other DC movies and comics, though some of them are much harder to nab than others. Everyone Knows About Lynda Carter’s Return to the DC Universe in the Late 2020s Wonder Woman 1984 and Suicide Squad visual reference to Hannibal Lecter when Killer Croc is shown strapped to a stretcher bearing the Brain’s iconic muzzle.

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However, only die-hard DC fans have been able to nab some of the DCEU’s best-hidden Easter eggs, perhaps not even until their first or second rewatch. With several DCEU movies slated for release in 2023, fans certainly have their work cut out for them in the years to come.

ten Lex Luthor Has A Bone To Choose With Superman After Destroying LexCorp (Man Of Steel)

2013 Steel man introduced fans to a brand new version of the Kryptonian Hope Bringer, this time played by Immortals actor Henry Cavill. The film features a retelling of Superman’s origin story and his early adventures in Metropolis, starring Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

In various scenes, the iconic LexCorp Tower can be seen in the Metropolis skyline and later in ruins among the rest of Metropolis after Superman’s battle with Zod. Cold and calculated LexCorp CEO Lex Luthor has since made appearances in batman versus superman and Justice League, but Warner Bros. should give it its own standalone movie and feature the LexCorp tower.

9 Superman’s OG Comic Returns (Batman V Superman)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the first major film to bring together Man of Steel and Caped Crusader. The film ends with a superpowered brawl between DC’s greatest heroes. Superman’s solar-powered superpowers and Batman’s high-tech gadgets nearly destroy the city of Metropolis as they battle each other and Lex Luthor’s genetically engineered monster.

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One scene shows Wallace Keefe, a victim of the Kryptonian invasion of Metropolis a year prior, preparing to graffiti the Man of Steel statue. Meanwhile, several newspaper clippings and photos are strewn across his wall. One of these cuts shows Superman lifting the back of a car, which is clearly reminiscent of Action comics #1The iconic 1938 cover, only much grittier.

8 An Obscure Batman Villain Hasn’t Been Totally Forgotten (Justice League)

Justice League follows the newly formed team of superheroes as they take on Steppenwolf. Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the recently resurrected Superman join forces in what is hopefully the first of many Justice League films in the DCEU’s lineup.

As Batman battles one of Steppenwolf’s Parademon followers in Gotham, a building can be seen in the background with the name “Janus”. Although the name Janus can refer to several characters from the DC Universe, it is a clear reference to Janus Cosmetics, a company owned by one of Bruce Wayne’s rivals, Charles Sionis.

seven Harley and Joker enjoy one last dance (Suicide Squad)

Fans were thrilled to finally see Harley Quinn on the big screen when suicide squad in 2016. Gotham’s queen of crime has since become one of DC’s most beloved characters. Masterfully portrayed by Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn is arguably the best part of the suicide squad franchise.

When Amanda Waller first introduces the bubbly crime boss, the film cuts to a dark, isolated shot of Harley and the Joker slow-dancing in their original costumes. The photo is an almost exact recreation of Alex Ross’ iconic cover for the Batman: Harley Quinn comic where Harley and the Joker are painted intimately dancing.

6 STAR Labs Debuts DCEU (Man Of Steel)

Steel man presents yet another cleverly placed Easter egg, this time in the form of STAR Labs. In the comics, STAR Labs is a scientific research facility operating in the heart of Metropolis and is known for providing medical assistance to superheroes.

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Although the scene where the building appears is quite dark, making it difficult to see its characteristic sign, the facility is referenced in passing by several characters throughout the film. Since this is where Victor Stone initially gets his cybernetic enhancements, the references to STAR Labs present an opportunity for a potential Cyborg origin movie.

5 An established enemy makes a cameo (Wonder Woman)

When Gal Gadot was announced to play the titular hero in 2017 wonder woman, fans already felt his new solo movie was long overdue. This iteration of the Adventures of the Amazon Princess follows Diana as she traverses war-torn Europe in hopes of stopping Ares from destroying humanity.

One of wonder womanDiana’s most memorable scenes see Diana infiltrating a German gala and stealing a luxurious blue dress from one of the gala guests to blend in. At the gala, General Erich Ludendorff is seen. Additionally, the credits confirm that Fausta Grables makes an appearance, a Swiss Nazi who has infamously appeared in many of Wonder Woman’s adventures, both on page and on screen.

4 An answer to the question “Where’s Robin?” (Batman vs. Superman)

batman versus superman features many other references to DC characters and stories, including a certain criminal blacksmith’s signature “question mark” painted on a column in Gotham. However, the film hints at something much darker in a scene showing Bruce Wayne as he looks at a tattered and vandalized suit that clearly belonged to Robin.

Scrawled across the suit in yellow paint are the words “HA HA HA. Joke’s on you, Batman.” Eagle-eyed fans linked this to the four-part comic “A Death in the Family,” in which Jason Todd, the second of Batman’s sidekicks, is captured and killed by the Joker. The costume and its chilling message imply that Batman had already lost his young ward before the events of the film.

3 General Zod Rubs Salt Into Superman’s Wound (Man Of Steel)

General Zod, otherwise known as Dru-Zod, is a power-hungry Kryptonian who is bent on destroying Superman and Earth in hopes of terraforming the planet in Krypton’s image. He comes to Earth after escaping the Phantom Zone, the prison dimension where he was placed for his betrayal against Krypton.

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The spacecraft Zod uses to reach Earth bears the ominous name Black Zero, a reference to various characters in the DC Universe. More specifically, Black Zero is the name of the man responsible for the destruction of Krypton in Superman #205. In more recent stories, Black Zero is the alternate universe version of Superman’s aptly named clone, Superboy.

2 The Flash hints at a possible future villain (Justice League)

The Flash was a relatively underrated member of the Justice League until Zack Snyder’s 2017 film of the same name. In this iteration of the super team, Barry Allen is a young, inexperienced metahuman operating in a Central City warehouse.

When Bruce Wayne approaches Allen to recruit him and asks about his superpowers, the Speedster avoids any mention of his abilities. Instead, Allen lists various mundane skills, including “gorilla sign language.” It’s a nod to one of The Flash’s main villains in the comics, the hyper-intelligent ape Gorilla Grodd. Perhaps the Flash’s next solo movie will feature the hero’s telekinetic simian adversary.

1 How Harley got her groove back (The Suicide Squad)

The sequel to 2016 suicide squad sees a now-single Harley Quinn reunite with the titular team to defeat Starro the Conqueror, the alien starfish lord. The Suicide Squad makes it a point of honor to continue the development of Harley.

The main factor in Harley’s journey to independence was her relationship with the Joker and her subsequent split. The Suicide Squad Costume designer Kate Hawley even added a little nod to Harley’s recent split from the Clown Prince of Crime in her updated look. While the back of his jacket from 2016 read “Property of Joker”, much like the tattoo on his back, his new jacket reads “Live Fast, Die Clown” and his back tattoo has been covered up, referencing his separation of the joker.

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