The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Easter Eggs

The Mandalorian was the first television entry in the star wars universe. Thanks to Disney Plus, star wars saw a lot of content in serialized form, and The Mandalorian was only the beginning of star wars‘ new house. The series is still going strong, loved by fans and critics alike, and is coming back for The Mandalorian Season 3.

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In the trailer for the third season of The Mandalorian, fans get a glimpse of what’s to come and the latest adventures of Din Djarin and “Baby Yoda” aka Grogu. Even in such a short trailer, there are plenty of Easter eggs to dissect and enjoy.


9 New floating pram

One of the first Easter eggs seen in the trailer for The Mandalorian Season 3 is Grogu’s new updated floating stroller. Audiences first saw Grogu in his hovering pram, but it seems Din Djarin happily spent the money so his adopted son could travel the galaxy far, far away in style.

This new floating pram is different from the original model and features a more metallic and dark chrome look. Perhaps audiences will see it in action, as it can be made from Beskar to further protect Grogu under blaster fire.

8 Babou Frik

The Mandalorian continues to tie the dividing ties of the sequel trilogy, as it features a character seen in star wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker. Babu Frik was a small character seen in the film, who now appears in The Mandalorian Season 3, a show set years before the events of star wars Episode 7: the force awakens.

Babu Frik is an extremely small creature who works as a droid among Kijimi’s Spice Runners. His skills haven’t really been on stage yet, and his antics with Grogu might be a lot of fun to watch.

seven Queen Bo-Katan

Bo-Katan Kryze has been through quite a journey in the star wars franchise. She was born as a lieutenant in the terrorist group Death Watch on Mandalore but soon saw error in her wars after the death of her sister, the ruler of Mandalore, Duchess Satine. Since then, Bo-Katan has led a group of surviving Mandalorians and opposed the cult’s ideology around Mandalorians and their helmets.

Fans can see Bo-Katan return in the Season 3 trailer, this time on the throne of the ruins of Mandalore. Bo-Katan still rules over whatever remains of the planet taken over by the Empire, but without the right of the Darksaber in Din Djarin’s possession.

6 More Mandalorians

There was a dedicated Mandalorian cult thanks to the Death Watch, which gave young orphaned children another chance to live as foundlings. It seems there are more Mandalorians than Grogu and Din Djarin thought, as the Armorer and Pas Vizsla aren’t the only surviving members. In the trailer, Din Djarin encounters a colorful group of Mandalorians, all with unique helmets.

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It remains to be seen what these Mandalorians do, but if they’re anything like Death Watch, they’re sure to be a great threat to those who challenge them or have bounties on their heads. Considering the Mandalorians are a dysfunctional family, seeing Din Djarin reunite might be pretty tense.

5 Nevarro thrives

Once again, the public is ready to return to the planet Nevarro. This planet is affiliated with the Bounty Hunters Guild and in Season 1 looked like a new hive of scum and wickedness. However, after the fall of the Empire and an acknowledged sense of duty, Greef Karga seems to be paving the way for a prosperous Nevarro.

Nevarro seems to have cleaned up his act, and the planet is pretty friendly in appearance, with a bubbling and proud life, as well as beautiful heavenly architecture. Nevarro’s return is great for Mandalorian fans and shows the progress of a world taking over.

4 The ruins of Mandalore

Since Din Djarin committed the ultimate sin of removing his helmet for others to see, he has fallen out of favor and is no longer a Mandalorian in the eyes of his siblings. To redeem himself, he must go to the living waters, under the mines of Mandalore. This journey will be a deadly test for Din Djarin, as there are far too many dangers along the way to count.

In the trailer, fans see Din Djarin begin his journey to the ruins of Mandalore, a planet that audiences have seen destroyed before in flashbacks. The consequences will certainly be dire and emotional for other Mandalorians.

3 Pirates of Weequay

star wars is ripe with pirates traveling through hyperspace for loot and bounty. There is perhaps no group more famous, or perhaps infamous, than the Weequay Pirates, led by none other than Hondo Ohnaka. These pirates saw plenty of action during the Clone Wars, including Count Dooku and Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ezra Bridger.

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It’s brief, but it looks like the Weequay Pirates are about to return to the star wars universe, thanks to The Mandalorian Season 3. There could be great pirate space battles, as well as lots of laughs and betrayals if Hondo Ohnaka is involved.

2 Kowakian lizard monkeys

These semi-sentient reptilian creatures may be famous as pets of the underworld, most famously with Jabba the Hutt’s court jester, Salacious B. Crumb. They are disgusting to watch, with extremely annoying laughs. In The Mandalorian Trailer for season 3, these Kowakian lizard monkeys are seen people-watching from a tropical tree.

This is a fun easter egg for one of star wars‘ the most annoying species of creatures. Hopefully this time they don’t try to gouge out anyone’s eyes. The band’s shrill laughter will be as annoying as it gets, and fans will have to wait and see what they do on the show.

1 Companion R5-D4

The world of star wars would be very different if Uncle Owen and Luke Skywalker bought R5-D4 instead of R2-D2. Fortunately, R5 broke down and returned to the Jawa Group. What could have been the end of R5’s story was only the beginning, as R5 is about to return for The Mandalorian Season 3.

Not just as a cameo, but R5-D4 has been seen in the cockpit of Din Djarin’s ship, helping him fight in space dogfights. This could be the start of R5’s redemption story and show just how effective an R5 droid will be.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to debut on Disney Plus in 2023.

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