The Truth Behind Easter Eggs in Evil Dead 2 and Nightmare On Elm Street

As has been pointed out, Craven also included a nod to “The Evil Dead” in the first “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. During a pivotal scene in which Nancy tries to stay awake all night, she chooses to watch “The Evil Dead” on her bedroom television. Screen Rant notes that “The reason Nancy watches ‘The Evil Dead’ as she tries to stay awake is that the entirety of Raimi’s movie takes place overnight. In order to survive the dead, Ash must survive until at dawn, which means I can’t fall asleep either. ” This is how the two protagonists become unlikely companions in their separate quests to escape sleep and stay alive. It’s a clever nod from Craven, but the inclusion of “The Evil Dead” in “Nightmare” also has its roots in a private series of jokes between the two directors.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Craven included a “Jaws” poster in a specific scene from his second film, “The Hills Have Eyes”. The poster depicts a shark that may or may not be Bruce, and it looks like it has seen better days as it hangs on the wall with much of the poster missing. This has been interpreted as some sort of offense to Steven Spielberg, “basically saying that [Craven’s] The film was a lot scarier than anything on display in Spielberg’s hit film. Raimi found this kind of playful visual joke interesting, and he decided to include his own reference to “The Hills Have Eyes” in his movie, “The Evil Dead.” “This decision set off a chain of events that will continue throughout the careers of the two directors.

It was Craven who then included footage of “The Evil Dead” in the first “Nightmare”, followed by Raimi’s decision to include Freddy’s glove in “Evil Dead II”. Neither director intended to tie the two universes together, but fans will be fans, and as soon as the gauntlet appeared in this death-infested hangar, the theories started to spin. Ultimately, the nods are nothing more than two fabulous directors showing a playful appreciation for each other’s work, something that continued even after Craven passed away in 2015. Fans of ” Ash vs. Evil Dead “can find Freddy’s glove still collecting dust. notorious cabin, just waiting for the right person to pick it up and try it out.

Alicia R. Rucker