This Easter bunny is stuffed with Apple Jacks cereal and is the perfect addition to any Easter basket

Frankford Candy is no stranger when it comes to creating your irregular chocolate Easter bunny with your favorite cereal pieces.

So forget everything you once knew about the classic chocolate covered Easter bunny because this sweet treat is unlike its competitors.

Courtesy of Walmart

Molded like a bunny, this sweet cereal treat is anything but covered in chocolate like the Easter bunnies you’re used to having over the holidays.

Wrapped in a milky-tasting candy similar to the bottom of your cereal bowl, this candy Easter bunny will remind you of your early morning breakfast.

Filled with crunchy, colorful pieces of Apple Jacks, this smiling bunny has a reason to smile so big.

Perfect for sharing or keeping for yourself (we won’t tell), this nearly 2 ounce Easter bunny is the perfect size to hide in the garden for a great Easter egg hunt prize or as an addition to any gift offering an Easter basket.

You can currently nab the delicious Apple Jack Easter Bunny at Walmart for dare I say it, only a dollar this Easter and yes, you read that right.

So if you’re currently heading to the nearest Walmart, we’ll meet you there.

Alicia R. Rucker