This Easter Sunday is not a holiday for CPAs in Madison

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) — Accountants spent Sunday tracking tax returns instead of looking for Easter eggs before Monday’s deadline.

The tax filing deadline has been extended in 2020, 2021 but not in 2022.

“There’s not enough time for CPAs to do the work and get out there,” said Reilly Penner & Benton LLP CPA Vicki Buening. “It’s too much work in a short time.”

She said more extensions have been filed than ever before, but CPAs will get the job done.

Buening said drinking plenty of water, short breaks for mental health and teamwork helped him work 100 hours in two weeks.

“For me, it’s going out on a hot day,” she said. “Give me five minutes and I’m good there. It just brings you back.

RPB administrative assistant Joy Bychowski puts in 50 hours a week during the busy tax season.

She answers calls to speak with stressed customers.

“Everyone is worried about their taxes being due,” Bychowski said. “Are they going to owe money? Will they get reimbursed? Do they have all the documentation they need? »

She takes her lunch break outside the office for a change of scenery.

Bychowski credits Buening with carrying the weight of the team.

“She puts in twice as many hours as I do and yet she stays positive,” Bychowski said. “As long as she stays positive, I have no reason not to be. She always makes sure that all staff take steps to keep their mental health in the right place.

The two spent Easter Sunday finalizing paperwork to close the books on Monday’s tax filing season.

“It’s a relief,” Buening said. “It’s like all the adrenaline you’ve been hoarding to make sure all the work is done, and then it’s all released.”

She and Bychowski said they weren’t looking for sympathy from customers, but hoping to be appreciated for their dedication.

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Alicia R. Rucker