Tick, tick… The best Easter eggs to rent from Boom

tick, tick … Boom! is full of references to its subject’s greatest success, Rent. Here is an overview of Rentheads.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for tick, tick … Boom !, now streaming on Netflix.

Realized by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, tick, tic … Boom! premiered November 12 on Netflix to loud praise. The film is an adaptation of composer Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical monologue, which was later adapted into a small off-Broadway musical. tick, tick … Boom! Also features a number of famous Broadway faces and is full of Easter eggs and references, especially to Larson’s masterpiece To rent.

In a now legendary play in theatrical history, Larson tragically passed away the night before the first preview performance of To rent. He never got the chance to see the show’s legendary success. This gave the songs and the story of tick, tick … BOOM! an additional dimension of the announced tragedy. It’s both heartbreaking and fitting to see the many nods to Larson’s greatest and latest achievement scattered throughout the film.

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Larson’s real friend makes an appearance

Roger Bart is well known in the theater world for his roles in beloved shows such as You are a good man, Charlie Brown. Movie fans may be familiar with his voice work in Disney’s Hercules. Bart had been a close friend of Larson’s since the 1990s and was involved in the early versions of both tick, tick … BOOM! and To rent. The protagonist of To rent was named Roger in his honor. As a result, the character who sings about saving Jonathan in the film (played by Joshua Henry) is also called Roger. The actor himself makes an appearance in the film during a first scene at the Moondance Diner.

Kisses, Pookie!

In one scene, Jonathan calls his best friend Michael “Pookie”. Maureen uses this pet name for her lovers in To rent, especially when she tries to appease them after doing something she shouldn’t have done. She tries to deploy this tactic in the argued song of the unleashed lovers “Take Me For What I Am”. He is also mentioned in “Tango: Maureen”.

Message from Larson’s laconic machine

Jonathan’s answering machine message is saying “Speeeeak”. This is the same as Roger and Mark’s answering machine message in To rent, precise down to tone and diction.

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Are you going to the Cat Scratch Club?

At one point, Jonathan is walking down the street of New York’s Theater District. One of the establishments in the center of the background is the Cat Scratch Club, which is a reference to the club where Mimi dances in To rent. She and Roger talk / sing about it in “Light My Candle”.

Santa Fe

In the focus group scene, “Santa Fe” is written on the whiteboard. It’s also the name of a song in To rent sung by the character of Tom Collins. Notably, Collins fantasizes about an idyllic life in a better place when he sings “Santa Fe,” and the focus group scene involves participants reflecting on positive images associated with America.

Jonathan’s “A Song, Glory”

Jonathan spends much of the film trying and failing to write a key song for his musical Superbia, which reflects Roger’s inability to complete a song in To rent. In one particular scene, Jonathan oscillates between typing “you are” and “your” as the first words; Roger’s finished song in To rent begins with “Your eyes”. Plus, when Jonathan struggles to write the song and ignores his girlfriend’s calls, he plays the opening bars of Roger’s number “One Song, Glory”, which is precisely about the struggle to write a good song. on his keyboard.

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Old pictures

tick, tick … BOOM! begins with what looks like old portable footage of Jonathan about to present his show, which recreates actual footage from his life. It may also be a tribute to 2005 To rent film, which begins with footage Mark filmed for his documentary.

Hire Alumni galore

Original Broadway actors Adam Pascal, Daphne Rubin-Vega and Wilson Jermaine Heredia appear as bums outside the restaurant during “Sunday.” Many of the film’s main actors have also starred in various productions of To rent, including Robin de Jesús (under-researched Angel in his Broadway debut), Mj Rodriguez (played Angel in the 2011 Off-Broadway revival) and Vanessa Hudgens (played Mimi and Maureen in the Hollywood Bowl and Rent direct! manufacturing).

You are an angel

When Michael gives Jonathan the copies he made of Superbia As a favor for him, his friend gives him a grateful hug and says, “You are an angel on Earth.” Michael is played by Robin de Jesús, who made his Broadway debut as an understudy for the role of Angel, pictured above in the 2005 film, in To rent.

The survival crew

At some point in tick, tick … Boom!Jonathan talks about friends he has lost to AIDS, specifically naming Pam, Gordon and Ali. These three characters also appear in “Life Support” and “Will I?” scenes in To rent where Mark films an AIDS support group meeting.

To capture all the nods to Rent, tick, tick … Boom! is now streaming on Netflix.

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