unearthed other Easter eggs from the Play Has No Limits ad, reveal any new exclusives?

Several weeks after the publication of the Play Has No Limits ad, new Easter Eggs are appearing on the network hidden in the Sony clip: are they clues to an exclusive PlayStation 5 currently in development and on the verge of being released? be announced?

The Easter Egg Hunt opened by the same exhibitors from The PlayStation team continues to make its mark on social media and industry forums: Among the many fans participating, several claim to have uncovered clues as to what they believe could represent the yet to be revealed PS5 video games. Japanese society.

In addition to the many explicit quotes already discovered in the folds of the advertising film, other tributes have emerged for titles or series still to be deciphered: on Twitter, for example, the Internet user says Hunter NextGenPlayer found three “mysterious symbols” that appeared as they passed between the frames of the ad. It is therefore only with time that we will understand whether or not behind these symbols are hiding clues about the future protagonists of the PlayStation 5 gaming room.

In case you missed it, here you can find our preview of the PS5 Easter Eggs from Play Has No Limits, with all the clues hidden in the clip wrapped by the Japanese tech giant for the PlayStation Showcase.

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Alicia R. Rucker